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  1. oldjohnnt: Its just that we boondock for weeks at a time, during these times we do plug into chassis battery for small fans cell phone chargers etc....mostly for my wife. I know better...lol. just trying to prevent the day were ready to roll & the chassis battery is dead cause the wife drained it with out me knowing..... etc etc Thanks again every one :)
  2. Thanks everyone for your input! Looks like Tom_M nailed it! I will definitely consult back to this post when I start the project of adding items & fuses.
  3. Hi & Thanks for any input, A bit new here for solar. I don't have all my specs yet , just bought a used RV set up with solar. I have not seen any fuses or breakers on this set up yet. yikes! 1) The hardware: a) 2 (two) solar panels on roof (higher voltage, I see read outs up to 27 volts & higher) I'm not familiar with these panels yet b) 1 (one) PWM Duo battery solar charge controller c) 1 (one) MT-1 dual meter d)1 (one) Victron MPPT 30amp smart charge controller. (this currently is NOT installed) e) 2 (two) 12 volt deep cycle house batteries f) 1 (one) vehicle 12 volt starter battery I purchased the RV with a dual charge controller (PWM Duo battery solar controller ) charging both the house & RV batteries I would like to add the Victron MPPT charge controller to this system. My question is: Could I splice the leads from the solar panels to go to both charge controllers? one set of leads to the PWM charge controller charging the RV battery & one set of leads to the MPPT charge controller for the house batteries? If so, as I'm adding a 2nd charge controller I would like to add the proper fuses at the correct locations.
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