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  1. I like to eat it plain sometimes. I like it sprinkled on spaghetti, mashed potatoes, etc.
  2. Thank you all for the information and opinions. I appreciate everyone's responses. I'm sure there is a lot to learn and experience. I'd like to not have the same experience that Robin Williams did in "RV". We've got a septic now, and I use septic safe tp. I'm glad to know that if I wanted I could continue to use the same brand in my RV, as long as I keep an eye on things it should be fine. Thank you!! You've made this newbie happy. 🤗
  3. Thank you! The one nearest me isn't until August, but perhaps we could go to Arizona before then. This site needs a 'like' button. 🙂
  4. I've just heard about it. I don't know where it is or when it is or what they do there. We're not Escapees yet... (gotta wait till payday) but we're planning on getting a membership this month.
  5. Thank you, it's nice to know we don't have to use RV toilet paper.
  6. My husband and I are hoping to go full time next year. I've done a lot of camping in my life, mostly in a tent up in the woods where we dug a hole for our use. We're going to be getting either a Class A DP or gasoline MH. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos educating myself on the ins and outs of RV living. One video said to only use RV toilet paper. That's rather expensive. Wouldn't something like Scotts toilet paper (which dissolves while using it) be just as good? I understand the need for the tissue to break down quickly, but to pay $8 for a pack of 4 rolls seems a bit much. What's your opinion? Thank you for the input. 🙂
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