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  1. And isn't that what we are so afraid of - and yet what we are so looking forward to? Thanks for sharing!
  2. So appreciate both experienced views! I had no idea that it would be that much more expensive to flat tow! I'll be a newbie directionally challenged dolly tower - and if I can do it.....
  3. I so get it! Although I am fearful of dolly towing, that will happen fewer times than exploring my surroundings feeling safe. First goal - getting out there! Second goal - finding a way to explore. Third goal - Find people to share it with!
  4. Very insightful and so much appreciated! I'm going to go for it!!!! Thanks!
  5. Thanks Kirk! You sound like you know your stuff! I found a great deal on a new Master Tow but while setting it up, there seems to be an issue with being able to ratchet the tire straps up with the low front end clearance. That doesn't make sense to me since my Camry isn't any lower than most other front drive cars are. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I agree, Linda. I think the main factor for my decision will be that the reason for me to live this live is to not have the restrictions of 'normal' live. I feel that if my only mode of transportation were a moped, I would always have to consider the weather, the distance, the carrying capacity, etc. and that would defeat the purpose of feeling free! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I have to say that I agree completely! Your comment about the joy of riding a scooter is what helped the most. I was a biker chic in my youth and found myself feeling less comfortable on 2 wheels as I've aged. Since I LOVE my Camry, I will keep it for now but I am leaving my thoughts open to getting a 4 down if I feel hindered on my 2018/19 travels. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
  8. Thanks Joe/Cindy! That thought was the main reason for my decision to dolly. After all, I was terrified to drive this 98 Tiffin and though I have and still have some mishaps, I am sure I will get used to towing - or at least I will learn another skill!
  9. I think you are among the majority and appreciate your thoughts on both options. Tho towing is scary, riding along the side of a road on a little scooter scare's me even more! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Hello again, John. It's great to hear from someone who has done it. I take it you are a fan of the car vs the scooter?
  11. Hello all! My PC took a dive so it has taken me some time to respond to the gracious messages shared by you. Thanks and I am grateful to be a part of this community!
  12. Thanks! I've never been accused of not having energy! Love to meet people!
  13. Thanks for the info - so looking forward to it!
  14. Thank you so much! What a keen sense of insight you have and I hope to be able to meet you one day and to learn from you and your experiences.
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