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  1. yes Kirk it is....they have tried to correct the problem but even they cant!
  2. so its got worse changing it to many dates now.....I have complained to customer service and they have been trying to fix it but to no avail so far and have given me a free month subscription.....but to the person who told me there is no such thing as the computer going wrong only the one doing the inputting well and nice British way of saying it is "naff orf"....(I think he/she must have thought better of his rude comment because i cant find it now 😡 but thank you guys for the positive input as usual
  3. I have just looked again and nothing that indicates "not yet released" only the x of "unavailable" ....thanks tho because i will keep looking
  4. Does anyone use this? I have been happy with it for the year so far i have been planning our trip but now it has started changing my start date on its own! i log on and find my planned and saved start date of 8/30/19 could say anything from 08/27/19 onward which totally messes up the whole forward plan of 48 stops! I have sent them an email but so far ...nothing!
  5. hi Thanks for that..... i have rerouted as you suggest and it hardly adds on any time or miles. We are not concerned about miles as have 6000 to play with and are only up to 5400 so far till the end of our journey so even if we add some detours we will be fine. we are not big on cities prefer the scenic countryside lakes rivers etc ........thanks anyway
  6. We are travelling from Navarre in Florida north to Pigeon Forge Tennessee and the trip planner i am using is taking me via Montgomery on highway 65 (sorry i am English so not sure if they are highways or interstates etc) Birmingham on the 59 Chattanooga on the 75 and onto Pigeon Forge. My question is two part .....is there a more scenic route and is there anything on the way that shouldn't be missed. We have 30 hours or more to do this part of out journey so an overnight is planned. Noccalula Falls in Gadsden is currently earmarked unless others can come up with better suggestions. thanks all
  7. problem is i have already booked and paid for the one i panic booked!
  8. Hi All you may remember i am one half of the English couple who are spending 9 weeks going west ( LA) to east (florida) this year......I asked lots of question a few months ago but since then i have been spending hours and hours planing this amazing trip. I was so looking forward to today as it was the day Yosemite opened up for booing Lower Pines and I was online THE SECOND lines opened but boy was it stressful....all booked withing a couple of minutes i had no chance of getting the spot i had planned for and ended up panic booking another spot when finally one iopened up... I was like booking a Madonna concert of something!! Anyway now i have number 58 booked i see that it is only for 24 foot RVs and ours is 30 feet.......first i was really upset but i read on line in another forum that the size thing is not enforced but i wondered if anyone on here knows anything about that? waited months to book and now i feel gutted! Virginia
  9. thanks for that and yes we have "planned" to not plan on certain legs of our journey such as the 16 days days we spend doing Route 66 However this particular leg of our journey is nowhere I have ever heard of and I wanted a few pointers so we don't stop in a dodgy area and waste precious time as we only have 7 weeks and we want to make the very best of it thanks again
  10. Hello to those of you who remember me ...... our plans for our big USA road trip continue and my file is getting thicker and thicker of things we have booked and places we plan to see...... one part of our itinerary sees us traveling from Navarre in Florida to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee . Our trip panner programme takes us on routes 65,59 and 40 passing nearby/through Montgomery, Birmingham and Chattanooga. Estimated time travel is 11 hours so we need a stop a night about half way.....my question is as I do not know this area does anyone know this route and could suggest a nice place/town for a stopover? thanks in advance and hope you can help Virginia
  11. Thanks all ....I will go with my gut and avoid that area I think.... OMG “armed” we Europeans don’t have a gun culture at all !!
  12. Hi my husband and I are from UK and are embarking on a big west to east coast trip next year. We have booked or planned RV parks as this is a special splash out trip but we have one over night stop in or near Senoia Georgia ( we want to do a walking dead tour 😳😂) on our way to Smokey Mountains. We have a 5/6 hour journey each side of our stop so time is really tight. I have looked aplenty and can't find an RV park near but there is a Walmart 25 minutes away so am thinking about staying there as its just overnight. However the reviews of that particular Walmart, and maybe it reflects the area, make it sound like a bit of a Ghetto (YIKES). Does anyone, and I am sure its a long shot, know this area..... 1025 Highway 34 E Newnan, GA 3026 thanks if you can help
  13. We are traveling west to south east starting end of August ending mid October
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