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  1. Thank you Kirk and Old John for your comments. I do agree that the fuse filament is just like an incandescent light bulb. They weaken over time and at some point will fail. And my RV is 14 yrs old, even though relatively new to me. After finding (thanks to responses) the fuses under the circuit board cover, I replaced the blown fuse. The Norcold manual didn't point it out but said to have a repair technician remove the cover. CYA. As of this writing, I have had the fridge on electric and it has worked fine, heat on the back and cold inside! Hopefully the 5A fuse just rea
  2. She's cooling nicely. It didn't work on AC from the time we bought it used a few months ago. I don't know why the fuse was blown, but assume it had been for some time, seeing it was a challenge pulling it from it's holder. I do thank you for your input and all that try and help each other out.
  3. Thanks for your help and suggestions! I knew I had power before as the light came on in the fridge when door opened. I also tried plugging the fridge directly to my house via ext cord. I took the circuit board cover off today and found the glass fuse was blown. After replacing it, the auto switch now stays on w/o switching to the gas mode. Now I wait and see if it actually cools the box down. I'm in a waiting pattern!
  4. Our Norcold N611 works fine on LP. However, when plugged into AC and we turn the switch to automatic, the fridge switched to LP and won't go to electric. Can anyone be of help please? Thanks
  5. Thanks Rick, I hope so too! Unfortunately the one in my RV does not have the Auto Mode feature. The exact replacement for mine has been very difficult to find and the prices they are demanding start at over $900! That's why I'm looking for another option that will work without too much difficulty.
  6. I have a 2004 Winnebago Class A with a Kwikee Level Best, leveling system. The control pad/controller, need to be replaced and the OEM available on the aftermarket is EXTREMELY expensive. Is there any other control pad on the market that can be used to replace the original? Mine does not have the Auto feature. Thanks for your help.
  7. I need help with Kwikee Level Best touch pad replacement! I have a 2004 Winnebago 27' class A and need to replace the leveler controls. Does anyone know if there is another touch pad and circuit board that can replace the OEM touch pad that seems Winnebago specific? Hunting for the exact replacement has been difficult at best and extremely expensive, $900-1,000+!
  8. I just stumbled on your post about the Kwikee touch pad. I need to replace the original Winnebago Level Best and need a reasonable solution. It looked like you had one for sale?
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