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  1. Update...Retirement is now a reality & AWESOME! After 39 years pounding the pavement as a pro driver...I'm done. Pride finally converted to reality. Last month I ditched my CDL Class A license & traded it in for a regular one. Thanks all... for the input months ago. That said...We are in the market for a quality 5th wheel trailer with forward living space. Reaching out for input & advice on a good brand to start with. Thanks in advance, Gramps
  2. I concur...given the above info prolly the best route for you. Fire Guy...I can relate...Rabbit Ears, Loveland, Berthoud, Monarch, Wolf Creek, 550 from Ouray to Durango, the Blues between Montrose & Gunnison, McClure & many more... in a gas tanker over the years. Based out of Steamboat for a spell. From where do you call home? Western Colo has no limits in regards to beauty & demands...just curious. Cheers, Dean
  3. If you like countryside travel, then avoid I-25 as much as possible. With your rig, all of the above are viable options & easily maneuverable. When you cross over into Eastern Wyoming from SD most everything is prairie grass & sage...a silent beauty, but pretty plain. Winds are common & brutal in WY, so watch the weather forecast for such. If in the forecast...don't attempt entry. My personal choice, would be to continue straight south on 79 until it turns into 385 going into Nebraska. It intersects with 20...about 2 miles west of Chadron. West into Lusk, Wy. 85 south from there until it merges with I-25 southbound just north of Cheyenne. Get a taste of I-25 for a spell. If you like it & are comfortable, then continue south to Fort Collins. However, if adventurous, have time, & want a teaser of what Colorado & Wyo really have to offer on a micro scale...then I'd suggest a detour west from Cheyenne on 80 to Laramie. South on 287 from there to Ft Collins. A bit out of the way but well worth it. Cheers, Dean
  4. Thanks Star & everybody's input! Exactly the info I'm looking for. Agree on all three above. I bumped into a race team a few weeks ago loading their drifter racecar into a tongue pull Millennium 32' flat nose w/living quarters & they let me take a peek. I was Immediately drawn to the pass thru door for it's endless possibilities in the cargo area. It's what gave me the idea that a race trailer with living quarters might just be the best ticket for our needs. Beautiful new trailer!...what did you do with the old one? Also...with the pass thru did you ever notice smells like gasoline or odd vapors associated with a garage... while camped out in the living quarters? Thanks again, Dean
  5. LOL...was thinking the same thing until I watched a video of our 6 yr old granddaughter smack one between the shortstop & second base. Wanna be there for the homerun 👊 So... from experience would you rent or buy your base camp? Kinda the same response I got last October from the DMV in the small town we're looking to retire in. Pretty much told me they didn't care about my CDL. That would be between me & the Federal DOT. Said I could drive anything if it was registered as an RV. However...I'll keep my CDL active for insurance. Thank's for that. What I wanted to hear 👊 On April 1st in the year of 1970 American Motors Corporation introduced an odd & ugly small car designed to compete with the Chevy Vega & the Ford Pinto. Named the "Gremlin" it was a "weird" car & never got any respect nor most probably ever will. Noni & myself retired on April 1st...some Forty Six years later...& yes...a Gremlin is our Classic Car of choice...A bit of unplanned irony but it "is what it is"". Resto-modded by myself & a friend I hope it will fit in to it's new home in SW Oregon...Here's a pic... Without a doubt one of the most interesting units I've ever seen. Creativity abounds. Guessing with that setup it's not often you get chased down as a commercial unit after blowing by the scales? Cheers, Dean
  6. Hi all, We have finally crossed the retirement barrier & are now officially on the other side ✊. Quite honestly...busier than ever. Amazing how much stuff can be collected & stored on two acres over the span of 41 years 😲. I digress. We have determined that a car hauler w/living quarters might be in our best interest after we sell, as I have a classic car going with. Fifth wheel with overhead sleeping quarters desired (for the grandkids & storage 😉)...main floor sleeping for us. Car measures 14 ft bumper to bumper & weighs in at under 3,000 lbs. Large as possible RV living quarters desired. Would not be used for full time RV living, but outings from a month to two at a time once or twice a year. Reaching out to those who have been there for advice on where to start. Keeping my CDL Class A license intact & will renew the DOT Physical as needed before relocation to Oregon & will maintain as long as health allows. Truck or tow vehicle would most likely be a Class 8 singled Semi along the lines of what Mr. Cob has advertised. Looking for advice on trailer options in regards to weight issues, length, braking, & build quality to satisfy our needs. Any advice and/or experience would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🍻, Dean
  7. Nice rig Dave! The 60 series Detroit of that era is one of my fav's. Looks like something that might work for us. Don't have a clue how to drive that tranny tho... but now I'm retired, I guess I could learn 😉. I'll send you an email with our situational needs & questions. Cheers, Gramps
  8. Most grateful for the fantastic feedback. All the replies have helped to clear my muddled mind. Long before I happened upon this forum we made the decision to sell our property & move closer to our grandchildren in a small coastal fishing town in SW Oregon. We're putting our property on the market next May & it will stay there until we get our price. We already have plans to buy the house our kids currently live in to use as a base camp because Noni fell in love with it. Two bedroom one bath a block away from the ocean west of HWY 101. We'll spend a year there getting good & bored doing nothing but enjoying every day as a Saturday & getting to know the grandkids...in the fog & rain. After that I figure we'll be ready to hit the road . We'll VRBO the house out & whenever we leave...the kids can manage it while we're gone. If we don't like the road we can always move back in. That given...after all the great input I have decided that keeping my CDL would be in my best interest & it will be re-newed for another four years just in case. However...after that the Hazmat endorsement goes by-by! We are going to visit the kids before the end of the year, so I will make a visit to the DMV while there to see if my re-newed CDL Class A license from Colo will transfer to Oregon without a big hassle? Thanks all & hope to meet each one of you in person some day, Gramps PS...No violations in over 20 years except a mudflap that was an inch higher than law...gimme a break!
  9. Newby here...first post. Retirement is looming & RVing is something I've been yearning to do for years. The HDT section sucked me right in, so I've been lurking. Been driving commercially for 38 years based out of Colo. The bulk (no pun intended) of my career was served as a "suicide jockey" driving a gasoline transport tanker over & thru the Rocky Mtns of Colorado on a nightly basis. "Semi-Retired" now (don't drive a semi anymore & currently only have to work a 40 hr work week driving a MDT ). Grandfathered into the Class A CDL license when it was introduced & have kept it active ever since, so currently I have every endorsement except bus including...Class A - triples - doubles - tanker - hazmat - & motorcycle. Quite honestly I'm getting tired. Tired of the DOT Physical every year. Tired of the Homeland Security ten finger security check to renew hazmat & the PITA requirements attached. Tired of working in general. That said...I'm not willing to give up what I've earned over the years...when is it time? Due next July to renew & should be able to pass....good for 4 more years. Should I even bother? Noni...was born & raised in Alaska. International "sky goddess"...straight out of HS...she went to flight school & secured a job with Braniff Airlines when being a Flight Attendant was a much cherished & fun line of work. No stranger to travel she's a prime candidate for living full time in an RV. That said we are still a ways away from selling everything & hitting the road. So...keep it or ditch it is the question? The CDL I mean. Noni's a keeper. Input welcome & appreciated. Gramps
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