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  1. Thanks rynosback, There are a few different names for it. I guess I went with what was fresh in my mind after talking with the BLM and U.S. Forest folks. I'm a first time using on this. I'll catch on to the preferred lingo quickly, I hope. Hendo
  2. My girlfriend and I will be disperse camping (boondocking) in our travel trailer near Fort Hunter - Liggett in the Los Padres National Forest (North) at the end of June. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally I would like to be as close to Lake Nacimiento and/or Lake San Antonio as possible. Any information on areas to camp, dump stations, potable water, activities, day trips, things to see or general suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do have and use most of the camping/travel apps but nothing beats local knowledge and/or personal experiences. Thanks in Advance, Hendo
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