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  1. Is Coachnet a Roadside assistance program? I will check into them. We are looking into TPMS systems right now. As far as the back hitch of the 5th wheel, we were planning on bicycles back there. Thanks for the info.
  2. We are new to RVing and just bought a New Horizons Summit as well as a Dodge Ram 5500 with a hauler bed. The truck with hauler bed does not have a spare tire, and I'm wondering how important it is to purchase one? We would either have to store it in the basement of the 5th wheel, and space in there will be at a premium. Another option would be to lay it down in the back of the hauler bed of the truck, behind the hitch, but this makes hitching up much more difficult. There is not really an option to retrofit the truck for a spare tire underneath. So, I'm considering not carrying a spare for the truck and just relying on roadside assistance. Is just relying on roadside assistance in the event of a truck tire malfunction even feasible? I don't want to be on the side of the road for 2 days somewhere. Not sure how responsive they would be, especially on weekends or holidays. Thanks, Mark
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