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  1. Smitty thanx for your helpful suggestions. And yes things like this always rving a fruiful experience. Problem not resolved but we did discover that heat register in front bathroom puts out heat while moving! I'm thinking that maybe the main lines to the front and back are being blocked somewhere when moving?..Really doesn't make sense but I know there is a solution! Jerry re
  2. Well thanks everyone for your input and suggestions. It really does help to have people to "talk to". Here is bullet list of status: 1. We are currently on a whirl wind trip from Seattle-Rapid City SD-Carson City NV( on this leg now in Rock Springs,WY)-Seattle.. what kind of idiots do a trip like this in late November! 2. Yes it is cold very cold and driving in the the late afternoon is miserably cold in the coach. Please let me know where the section in this forum is for bitching,moaning and complaining (concerning weather and coach problems). 3. The Aqua Hot works perfectly when plugged
  3. Well we have tried this two days on the road and the Aqua Hot registers in the coach are just blowing cold air. I have physically checked the aqua Hot unit and the antifreeze lines are hot. I called AquaHot and they said it should work. Unit works fine when plugged in park power and slides out? Any ideas?
  4. Thanks everyone for the advise. I will try again tomorrow and let you know how it works out! Jerry
  5. Our aqua hot is a 400D and as far as I know no engine loop. Although I am not sure how to tell if there is an engine loop.We have a 2013 Thor Tuscany. Now that I think of it in the back of the coach (low on the bathroom wall is a switch that I was told is for engine pre heat in very cold weather). Too bad this information appears no where. The switch is not even labeled(it just turns on a red light. Thank you for the welcome and I appreciate your help. Jerry
  6. This should be a no brainer but I can't seem to make the aqua hot heating system work while driving down the road. I think I should just have set thermostats to turn heat registers on and turn on the diesel burner? Do I need to start the generator? Thanks anyone on an thoughts.
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