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  1. Hi Pat, Thank you for the suggestion. The site and situation here are not very suitable for quick and easy in/out. Having company isn't of much importance; but during my years of nomadism I always preferred to stay on private property (often long-term) rather than in campgrounds -- and thought others might be so inclined.
  2. After a couple decades I'm still a full-time RV dweller although I now own the property – a few acres in the Arkansas River area not far from Russellville (midway between Little Rock and Ft. Smith). There is another RV site on the property – 200' away -- nothing fancy (perhaps a bit “rustic”) with electric, water, sewage, and DSL. All is quiet and peaceful here with a great view of a nearby mountain. Winters are mild though not tropical. It might be nice to have others on the property. I have nothing particular in mind. If this strikes your fancy, drop a note to 7Y777@gmx.com (or reply here)
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