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  1. I'm going with a used SUV largely because I'm limited by what is available in my price range. Every truck I've been interested in is out of my budget, unfortunately. Down the road a truck will probably be ideal, when I can afford two vehicles, but for now I'm looking for some that provides utility as well as the things I need in an everyday vehicle. So that's why I'm settling on a Ford Explorer, as someone suggested above. Found a used 2007 with fewer miles than my current vehicle. It's 4WD 4L V6 with the Class III/IV hitch. We're not looking for a big trailer to haul, so it should fit our needs well enough.
  2. So I've got vehicles narrowed down to a Ford Explorer, Toyota 4Runner, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Test driving some on Friday to see what I like. I'm still checking out trailers, with my favorites thus far being the R-pods. I definitely like the rear "garage" cargo areas on them.
  3. Thanks for your responses! What I've decided to do is trade in my Flex for a 4Runner. It has a 5000lb tow capacity (V6). Plus, it's more of the kind of car I want, anyways. The Flex just isn't my style (I ended up with it after my previous vehicle, a Subaru Forester, was totaled)! So now my parameters have changed a bit. Looking for a trailer that's less than 3000lbs just to be safe. I'm interested in the same details in a trailer as above. I definitely like the look of R-pods. I'm going to try getting used if I can. Any advice or recommendations? Thanks for all the great info!
  4. Hi all! I joined up so I could get some information and advice on buying a trailer. It'll be my first travel trailer, and I've been doing quite a bit of research over the past few months. My partner and I are looking to be on the road traveling more often and would like a small traveling home to take with us when we don't have a friend to stay with in the places we go. However, we do have the limitation of only having a Ford Flex with a Class I tow package. So that limits us to 2000Lbs towing capacity. I've been searching and searching for a trailer that might fit the bill. Here's our current list of requirements: -Not a pop-up (due to possibility of encountering weather extremes on occasion, though we're hoping to avoid them as much as possible) -My partner is tallish, so he wants something with decent head room (over 7' is preferable) -queen bed -toilet and shower (wet bath is fine) -stove -sink -fridge -counter space of some kind for food prep (we cook a lot) -enough space for two people and two medium sized dogs to have a place to sleep without the dogs piling on the bed (because they make sleeping impossible lol) I've recently been interested in the Scamp 13'. Some of the Prolite models have intrigued me as well. However, since I'm a noob at all this, I thought I'd get some advice from people with more experience.
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