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  1. Hey Guys, attached are some close up pix of the BMS from inside the black box, the sensors, and the silver box with holes in it. https://pix.sfly.com/pq1yNC attached is also the map of readings. The organized blocks looking one is the bottom level, and the jigsaw puzzle looking one is the top level. my multimeter read the bank total as 52.4v. Listed out the readings are: Top: 3.278 3.283 3.277 3.276 3.280 3.276 3.281 3.278 Bottom: 3.274 3.277 3.276 3.275 3.277 3.277 3.275 3.278 thanks.
  2. it sure does look like my Display stuff. I'll look into the black box today. I would think it is probably their BMS as well. I downloaded all their info stuff. Good call. once all the dust settles I may be grabbing a back up cell, or two, or 17 also!
  3. Hey guys, I switched on the enclosure today and I'll list the exact results below. The display has 2 buttons side by side that each cycle through a top or bottom row of basic info. Without a manual, I assume they reflect the top and bottom level of batteries inside??? Or maybe they both represent the whole so you can check two different numbers at once. Cause both rows said the exact same thing as I cycled through both buttons. " 0 A " " 0 W " " 52.4 V " " 66F Tmp " " 1.0 Ah " " 52 Wh " " E F " " 0% Fuel " " 0% SoC " " 0 A " I'll also attempt to upload the pictures I took. A couple of things I noticed immediately was: A) condensation on all the cross bars bridging cells. (stupid question, but how do I wipe them off without shorting anything out or electrocuting myself???) B ) the black squares on every 3 cells (8 on each level = 16 total) (the BMS Sensors???) were all blinking, even though I had the battery bank turned off. C) the top row and the bottom row had 24 cells each. So the whole bank has a total of 48 cells. (Is that 1 cell for each of the 48V that the system is?) I went by Home Depot and got a $99 Klein Multi Meter. - Depending on your advice I'll try to check the cells tomorrow. From the looks of the inside of the enclosure I'm not sure how many of the bottom row I can actually reach. I'm still trying to figure out where I can actually go buy a 48v charger in person instead of having to order one online and wait. Even if I have to drive an hour away to get one. But if this thing is "dead" would there be any special instructions or specific charger to trying to revive it before officially pronouncing it a lost cause? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately the wall of invertor and charge controller stuff is in storage. I looked at some chargers on amazon and found some 48v ones. After I can check the battery with a meter this Sunday afternoon ill prolly order one of them. It looks like there a few from like $100-$300. From 1Amp up to 50Amp. So, just to let y'all know. I posted on a couple other forums. I hope this doesn't offend anyone or make them think this is spam. I was just freaking out and desperate to get some answers.
  5. I just checked, and it was shipped almost exactly 6 months ago. Sigh... @ Cathy & Jim, I grabbed that manual, but they don't have anything for the large size I got with two internal banks, and the external enclosure either... Why would a battery charger meant for lead acid be bad? Any ideas of where I could go in person to get what I would need? Walmart, Harbor Freight, Advance Auto, etc... recent newb
  6. Thanks Daveh, It is a 27kwh 48Volt bank in an EXTERNAL Enclosure. The company has updated their products and the original product page but it would fall under this current page's category: www.balqon.com/residential-energy-storage-ess-r24/ Mine is in an enclosure similar to this one: < http://www.balqon.com/online-store/#!/Commercial-Energy-Storage-50-kWhr/p/48565112/category=12286450 > But mine does not have the fancy display. Just a simple one that will show a general "% charge led". So I could push the on button and probably see what it says, but I don't want to until I get a Battery Charger, as you suggest, and am immediately ready to hook it up. The enclosure itself has two connector points on the side that in theory I believe I just stick the leads in and tighten the knobs around it. recent newb
  7. Hello all, I am hoping I can get some info./assistance/guidance from some of you kind and knowledgeable folks... I do realize this is an RV forum, but I know you can still give me good advice. THE SHORT: BALQON = NO USER MANUAL or USER GUIDE = NO COMMUNICATION = MY 27kwh LiFEPo4 Battery pack sitting outside for several months NOT hooked up = me freaking out about self discharge (which I didn't even know existed) and a possible 800lb. expensive brick!!! THE LONG: This past summer (2015) my wife and I refinanced our house, took out loans, and spent our life savings to pursue our mutual life-long dream of a full turnkey Solar scenario. The goal was to get all the components in and then hire a local professional to put it all together and guide us through it all, including the use and maintenance. After doing some comparisons of battery options I decided to go with LiFEPo4. I contacted Balqon, and Samra (CEO?) spent well over an hour on the phone with me and convinced me that was the route to go and that his company was the way to go. We went through a Solar company to get 24 panels, mounts, a Schneider/Midnight Classic all-in-one wall of electronics and a 27kwh battery bank in an external enclosure, from Balqon. Balqon took tons longer to ship than promised, after awful communication. Then, despite calls and emails DAILY from myself as well as from the company I bought it through, we still have yet to get a response. And all we were trying to do was get a User Manual or User Guide for the 27kwh battery pack. You know, "This is how you hook it up, Do this, Don't do this, This button does this, This is how to actually open it up, etc..." Well, then there had been ridiculous and extensive problems and delays in getting the mounting in. (FedEx Freight basically ran over everything with a fork lift, then I get sent the wrong stuff, then they won't send the right stuff, then they want me to pay for the right stuff cause it's not what they were told to send, etc...) So, as of today I now have all the components in. (Except any of the information I needed from Balqon, that is.) While online last week doing some research I ran across people talking about self-discharge (which, again, nobody ever told me was even a thing) and how it could brick your battery. (I am aware of the BMS and it's self cut-off to prevent it getting too low, etc.) Well now I am FREAKING OUT!!! Due to all the calamity of errors and delays, the battery has been sitting outside untouched for several months! I don't know how much charge it came with, how to hook it up, nor how to operate it (because I never got a manual, nor did I have everything in to begin an install) From the looks of things it will probably be this Spring until the panels are mounted and we are ready to actually hook up to it. So, please, tell me, what do I do??? Assuming I hit the "On" button and it isn't dead, how on earth can I put a charge into it without all the solar panels hooked up to get it to last till the spring without bricking? Can I hook jumper cables up to it from my car for countless hours? Is there a way to hook up a generator directly to it without the wall of electronics? Can I plug into it from my house? I mean, I don't need to fill it up and worry about an over charge, I just need to keep it from dying. Then, If I go to push the "On" button and nothing happens, or it is totally dead what options do I have? Quite Sincerely, Recent Newb
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