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  1. I've got a large (30 amp) fuse in line between coach battery bank and the solar voltage controller. I want to remove the fuse, but it doesn't seem to want to pull straight up (out). Does this fuse holder open up (unlatch) to release the fuse? I've never seen a fuse holder like this - anybody out there know how to remove this fuse? Here's the link to the picture. Thank you,
  2. WOW! Thanks so much for all the input you all ... I'll borrow a ladder from one of the other campers here and take a look at the vent first (and run some water down). If that doesn't cure it, I'll pull one of the sink traps to allow air into the drain line to see if that changes anything. If it does, then I know it's an air trap somewhere. If things don't change, then I'll look at the tank and drain themselves to see about blockage from sludge or the cut plastic. It really acts like an air trap, so I'm hoping I find a nest of some sort when I get up top. Thanks again everyone for your input and comments.
  3. As I drain our black tank all drains nicely and the fresh water flush works good to rinse everything out. Then when I pull the gray tank drain, there is a big flush of water out for a few seconds and then all stops. I can see at the clear collar up at the tank outlet shows no water flow (it is full of water). I can hear water trickling at the elbow into the camp site drain. After a few more seconds, the water starts and rushes down and drains completely. I'm guessing that the drain gets air locked and it's taking some time for the water level in the hose to go down enough in order to allow air back up into the hose so that the rest of the water can come out. Isn't there an air vent on the roof of the coach that should inhibit this situation? Is this telling me that my air vent is blocked? This seems highly unlikely that a large diameter vent would be so totally blocked so as to not allow ANY air flow. Am I missing something else?
  4. Onan dealer (Fort's Industrial Engine, Mansfield, OH) called today and said it's a fuel pump. They've ordered it, it'll be in tomorrow and it'll be a little over $300 installed. i'll find out more tomorrow why a fuel pump would "clunk" - I'm guessing there must be some sort of linkage that came loose and/or broke and was flopping around. In any event, it'll be fixed and a lot less expensive than a new $4000-$7000 generator.
  5. Took it to the Freightliner dealer tonight to have them check out the brakes (heading to the west coast in a couple weeks) and when they're done with it then taking it down the street to a Cummins/Onan dealer/repair shop - hopefully it won't be TOO expensive! Thanks
  6. My 8kw Onan Diesel generator has been working fine, when I push the pre-heat switch it goes "tickety-tickety" and after about 15 seconds fires right up. This week while running it, it started to emit more of a "clunking" sound, very rythmic and regular (and pretty loud). I shut it down, today checked the oil level (clean and full) and when I pushed the Preheat button again to try staring, this time it gave off the "clunking" sound instead of the quiet purr of the normal "tickety-tickety". Any ideas on what might be the problem? I didn't leave the preheat button pushed long enough to try to start it for fear the clunking was ruining something. Thanks in advance for any ideas / input
  7. WOW! Thanks to all of you for your quick response! It's great to get so many comments on our questions. Looks like the short term state park (or fed) volunteer positions are the ones we will be looking for. Thanks again and maybe we'll see each other some time!
  8. I've been doing a lot of reading blogs/forums etc. and watching tons of YouTube videos as we make plans to sell our home, pack up just a few keepsakes and move on to a new phase in our lives of full-time RV'ing. The question I have at this point is "What is the difference (or is there any difference) between Volunteering in exchange for camp site vs. Workamping in exchange for camp site? It seems from what I can gather (reading between the lines) that Workamping may be long-term (months or years) where Volunteering might only be weeks? We want to see the country over the next few years, but we really like the idea of free site and hook-ups. Is it reasonable to expect that we might be able to stay in one place only about a month at a time and still get the benefit of site in exchange? Would a campground owner even have any interest in bothering with such a short timer? Thanks in advance for your input.
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