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  1. Got it. Thanks everyone here is great.
  2. I plan on short or medium does it cost more one way vs another
  3. drumtwister

    singling volvo

    Hey does anyone care to share the ballpark price you spent on singling out your tractor. Man the places I asked about having it done prices are a huge difference. I'm not the type to go with the cheapest either but the spread for some is up to $1700.00 difference. They are all reputable places with alignment racks and know about proper angles to maintain. I live in SE MI if anyone from Ohio to Michigan has had it done around there any info would be appreciated.
  4. Anyone have any experience trying to register a HDT as a Rv in MI.
  5. Geeze how much pin weight and what else are you putting on the truck bed
  6. Yeah good points for sure. This surely is not making my decision any easier.
  7. I hear ya. The thought has crossed my mind. Let's see what everyone else has to say about it.
  8. True that. Everything that everyone adds and every pointer I get from all the members helps. Thanks everyone and keep up the great work.
  9. OK so you started with 230"WB and 35" OH. Then decided to go to a 236WB which would have made the OH29" now so you added a additional 51" to the frame rails right or was there already that much there because before the frame rails were shortened?
  10. So what are dimentions for single short and long. If single short or mid is the frame shortened or not. I wouldn't think so but I guess it depends on combo length. I really am not worried if I'm a few feet longer than 65' I have a friend who has a 610 with a jeep on the back that sits on a turn table and will rotate and take off the side without removing his trailer. He is 71' never been questioned yet in 10yrs
  11. Yes please do. Seems like its rare to find a 14k front axle. So you happy with the 630. What year? Likes/dislikes. Which engine do ya have? Mpg?
  12. OK I'm a bit new to the idea to use a HDT to pull my 5th wheel but after finding this great forum it makes total sense to me. Especially considering I'm a heavy equipment/crane operator and have been driving everything you could possibly imagine down the road weather its 14ft wide to 100ft long and 16ft tall. So my question is what are your opinions as to where to place the rear axle? I realize fore and aft will make a difference turning that's obvious. I will fab the bed myself and may move the axle myself. In the future I would like to be able to put a smart car or a couple Harleys on back. Been leaning toward a newer Volvo 630. All the fab work I look forward to.
  13. Like to ask you some questions. Please email me @ drumtwister324@gmail.com
  14. I have a 2008 GMC 2500hd with the duramax Allison combo. This was the last year they went without the exhaust fliud. "DEF" It is black crew cab short bed every option available inc navigation radio, heated seats, full power. Running boards, 4x4, TV's in the front headrests for the kiddy's. Front hitch with a T/bar to insert into front hitch and roof rack for kayaks or canoe. 50gal reserve tank with on demand transfer. A auto slider 5th wheel hitch tonneau cover 75k miles probably about 5k actually pulling. Garage kept not driven in the winter. No engine mods no programmers ever used sun roof on board air compressor bags in rear wireless remote for supplying air to the bags. 4 rancho adjustable shocks. Extra wix oil filters and fuel filters. Only thing ever done to it is replace 2 glow plugs. I want to move up to a HDT prefer one singled already Volvo is what I like so far but will take suggestions. Not sure if I'm wasting time posting this just wondering what if any ppl do downgrade or should I just sell it outright.
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