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  1. Just had a new rooftop ac installed in my class C. Prior model was not a heat pump type, it was a regular ac. The installer didn't replace the inside lower panel evidently they thought it would work. Now I find out that I have no heat so I guess i need to find the correct lower unit for heat pump model. I have checked everywhere and anything to do with Coleman is out of stock. Has anyone ran into this problem before? thanks
  2. Probably common knowledge to most of you but......i keep getting white streaks down the side of my rv. Is it oxidation from the fiberglass? How the heck can you prevent this from happening? I t scrubs off but reappears. thanks
  3. Does anyone out there know if the inverter on a 1999 endeavor trickle charges the house and engine batterys? Also how to check to see if it is working if it is supposed to charge them? thank you
  4. in the up. what item are you interested in? The tow dolly or the smart or both?
  5. In good shape everything works as it should. 45000 miles. I also have a Demco karkaddy dolly that I have put the Smartcar on. Back it onto the dolly and away you go. The dolly is also for sale. I would like $3800 for the Smartcar and $1100 for the dolly. I am located in the Upper Peninsula at the present time but will be making a trip to Leesburg Florida in the next few weeks and tow ing everything down there.
  6. Looking to head south soon but am finding that most parks I have found only allow 2 dogs. We are responsible pet owners and have 3 small Pom's. Has anyone else ran into this problem? thanks
  7. So no-one has ever used a tow dolly with a smart car?
  8. Just got a 2009 smart car fortwo and was wondering if it was possible to to it on a tow dolly? I have read on the forums about towing 4 down but nothing about towing with a tow dolly. Has anyone towed a smart car with a tow dolly? thanks in advance
  9. I have a class a and side window fogging make it difficult to see the side mirrors. To replace the windows can removing the rubber molding gaskets around the window on the outside of the window allow me to remove the glass? Trying to figure out how to replace the glass without breaking it. thanks
  10. I have a Gas Holiday Rambler 1999 vintage that is extremely hard to get gas into. When filling the gas pump handle keeps shutting of even though the tank is not full. Are these gas tanks not supposed to be vented? Has anyone ran into this problem? thanks
  11. I have a 35 foot class a and would like to smooth out the ride. Expansion joints really shake things up and create a rough ride. Looking at Bilstein and koni but wonder if there are any others that would be better for making a softer ride? I have the F53 suspension. thanks
  12. I have a 99 holiday rambler endeavor with the hwh leveling jacks. tried to check the resivor oil level but the crome knob wont come off. I tried ccw and cw and also tried pulling straighht up on it but no luck. the jacks will not extend all the way is why I thought checking the oil level would be the first thing to do. this is the first itme with thin rig and the first time for leveling jacks so i am learning as i go. Just wondering if anyone might have this system and any possible answers. thanks
  13. Just bought a holiday rambler with a safety plus steering unit. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems due to the unit being installed? The rig has low miles (36000) so I would think the front end components are ok. My first time with a 35 footer but it sure doesnt drive like my old 25 foot bt cruiser. Have to pay close attention to steering going down the road. Is it harder to steer a bigger rig? thanks in advance for replys
  14. Quick update, replaced all 6 tires with cooper roadmasters. What an improvement, no more constant steering wheel adjusting going down the road. Also found out that there is a Safe T Plus aftermarket device attached to my tie rods. Going down the road i can let go of the wheel and it tracks pretty well. The front bridgestones that were on the front were 5 years old but had plenty of tread left, I replaced them all anyway. I would have thought that the safe T Plus would have hid any front tire problems but guess not. All I know is that it is a different vehicle now! thanks for all your replys
  15. Seems I should run all steer tires or all position tires? At what tread depth should they be replaced? Thanks for all your replys, alot of valuable information here.
  16. Getting ready to buy tires for my recently purchased class a holiday rambler. The dealer asked me if i needed drive tires or steer tires? He said the drive tires had better traction and more rubber. Also the goodyear tires(245/70/19.5) were 700+ dollars but coopers were a little over 200. Same ply ,belts,etc. This is all new to me as I have never had to buy tires this large before, always had smaller rigs. Has anyone been down this road before? thanks
  17. Just bought a new to me holiday rambler. the steering wheel is off center ccw at about the 10:00 oclock position. As far as i have been able to find about the only thing to adjust is the tow in. Also found info about center vision alignment and a torx 50 screw that has to be removed to pull the steering wheel and shift it over a few splines. Has anyone ever had a class a with the ford f53 suspension and had an alignment done? Looking for information as i am taking it in to a trucking place for an alignment soon. I would like to be a little prepared information wiae so any help would be appreci
  18. I just aquired a 1999 holiday rambler endeaver that is in dire need of driver and passenger seats. Where i am located there doesnt seem to be any shops around that recovers rv seats. Any ideas on where to start looking for new seats or to get them recovered? Ebay has seats but I dont know if they would bolt on the existing hardware or not. Just thought maybe someone has been down this road before. thanks.
  19. I have a B touring motorhome and am now located in the U.P. of Michigan and was wondering what would be the best thing to do to prepare my Rv for winter (outside of moving back to Florida)?. Inside storage is not an option up here so how hard would it be on the rv to sit outside? Do the fabric rv covers work well or are they a waste of money? Draining the water system and removing batterys is the norm I know. Any information on outside winter storage would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  20. Thank you very much Dutch, Your diagram was all I needed and I now have a new thermostat thanks to you. thanks again for your help 87southwind
  21. Trying to convert the 5 wire duotherm to a hunter digital. Has anyone ever done this? The Hunter doesnt have a ground wire terminal but the duotherm does. The Hunter has AA batterys but the duotherm doesnt. Any ideas? thanks
  22. Learned something about tires. These tires are supposed to be inflated to 90 psi. The one was at 40psi and when i went to 90 low and behold there was no difference side to side on the dolly. They are 10 ply and pretty rigid so hard to tell if they are under inflated. thanks for the replys
  23. Tires are 205.65.10's and even though they are stamped with the same designation the tow dolly sits 3/4 of an inch higher on one side. Is this common for tires? Put side by side one is taller than the other. Will this affect the towing? This is my first experience with tow dollys and towing, any knowledge would be appreciated. thanks
  24. I always keep connected to shore power but after a few days the engine battery is dead. I thought the power converter was spose to keep batteries charged? I have a charger on it now but would like to have it function like it is spose to. Where do i start looking to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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