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  1. Can I email them to you? Max amount on this forum is 102kb! , which is smaller than even one pic -- and I have a dozen of them.
  2. Want to Sell or Trade – Thor Outlaw U-Shaped Dinette/bed for pull-out bed/jack knife sofa/or recliner couch We have an excellent condition factory U-shaped dinette that converts to a bed from our 2014 Thor Outlaw 37MD (only 13,000 miles, minimal use). This dinette sticks out too far into the aisle of our coach when we are traveling with the slide in. (We have 3 big dogs.) So we’re looking for a recliner couch, or jack knife bed, or pull out bed to replace it to give more aisle space for the dogs to move about when on the road. Replacement couch must be 76” or less long (we could squeeze in something 76.5” if the sides were made of cushion material). Looking for a tan/beige or brown-tone couch replacement. The U-shaped dinette/bed measures 76.5” by 48” max. and seats maybe 6 people (have not had more than 2 at a time). It is a very soft light tan/beige material (like a soft artificial leather fabric). It is easy to clean – wipes off. The cushion covers have zippers for removal of the inside foam. There is a central removable cushion that is inserted when converting to a bed. It has cup holders in the corners. The unit appears to be made of three sections that probably could be uncoupled for transport. There is storage under all the cushions. Also included would be 4 seat belts with their floor fasteners. Can send many pix if desired -- severe limitation on this website to post pix. We live in the Louisville, KY, area. Would be willing to travel maybe 150 miles to deliver/exchange. SPEAKING OF TRADING…. We’re also open to trading up or down for a 50A surge guard and a 7ft – 7ft 4in awning, as well as a motorhome-sized washer / dryer.
  3. $71,300 OBO or TRADE (Trade details below) We bought this 2012 Thor Outlaw Class A motorhome (Model #3611) this past March (2017) and drove it 997 miles back from Texas to KY. It runs perfectly, and we did not have a single problem driving it back from TX. Wife is 5'4" and she drove half the way, no problems -- so if your wife can't drive one of these, well....., I'm just sayin'. Sure enough, we have not used it since March, except to get it inspected, get the grey/black water tanks dumped, and gas it up. I have cranked it up ever other week to run the generator and the engine, lower and raise it off the jacks, and go through the gears. I don’t think we will ever make the grand deluxe trip around the States like I previously imagined. So now, we’re looking to sell it and pass it to someone who will actually drive it around. It has a clear KY title in my possession. It was built on the Ford F53 chassis, which has the Ford Triton V-10 engine, 5 speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4 wheel disc brakes, etc. It is just over 37ft long and has its own garage INSIDE THE COACH that is 121" long (10ft). Our SMART car fits right in, as do Harley's and trikes, and CanAms, etc No more towing a car and getting stuck where you can't turn around with the trailer. OR, you can tow an additional trailer (with another car or enclosed trailer with merchandise) -- say, if you travelled around to flea markets, etc. It even has its own gas station with pump, hose and nozzle. You can refuel your car, bikes, ATVs without having to siphon or carry gas cans. It has about 21,460 total miles (as of 8JUL17) -- and it is obvious that it was very well maintained prior to us. There is a 4 year complete powertrain and coach warranty (by Cornerstone RV) that is transferable (good until March 2021) -- covers just about EVERYTHING inside and outside, except items requiring usual maintenance, like filters, tires, THERE ARE NO LEAKS! It has sat in the driveway and no problems have been detected. All routine maintenance has been performed, including wipers, lubricating stuck storage door locks, antifreeze change out, etc. We changed the oil and filter in the engine and generator (using Castrol Edge Synthetic oil) just before we drove the RV home to KY -- so about 1000 miles ago. NOTE: The roof over the front cab has been prepped for a re-spray, which will be performed within a few days (old clearcoat had peeled away). Do your homework on these toy-hauler Class A’s; Email us for further or full details and pix. BUT, please don’t make me into a Thor Outlaw salesman – i.e., don’t make me spend 4 hours telling you all the features of the motorhome that you can find on-line. I have done this now 3 times for people, and I do not want to flush away my time anymore doing the salesman job. TRADES? We might be open to trades or trades plus cash, such as: land (not "beachfront in FL"), Bentley GT, other exotic car (but, please, no K-cars or even run-of-the-mill cars)(we already have 2 Porsches and a Jag that get no road time). We live in Shepherdsville, KY, adjacent to Louisville. Thanks for looking. Steve & Sonia (and Zorro, Sheba, and Cassius) CP 410-349-7576 (Please, no calls after 8PM Eastern time)
  4. Here is a link to the discussion regarding the company change, as well as complaints about them as a result of the change, for what it's worth ( http://www.irv2.com/forums/f103/progressive-industries-not-the-company-they-were-341438.html ) Yes, there seems to be some discrepancy about PI and service, in regards to their being bought out. Maybe one of you can get to the bottom of this?
  5. Pilot, If this tuner hasn't been sold yet, could you please contact 5-star yourself to ask them if your unit is "married" to your specific vehicle VIN? They will not answer to a non-owner about this detail. Thanks.
  6. The bad news is that PI was just bought out by someone else, and there are complaints all over other RV forums about just having a 30 day (?90 day?) warranty. (I initally saw a complaint and reference to the change in customer service on the Newmar forum in iRV2.com .)
  7. Do you have an easy way to explain how this is different from other surge protectors? Not sure whether it's oranges and oranges, or apples and oranges -- and too slow and unwilling to figger it out.
  8. Linda -- as per above posts, been thinking about adding a cheap tankless IN TANDEM (as per the OP's video). Can you give more detail about what you hate about your tankless heater? Too hot? Breaks down? etc.? Thanks.
  9. Khantroll, I have to agree that the cheaper heaters, as on EBay for example, have higher GPM than those 2-4X as expensive. If you put one of the cheaper ones in tandem with an exisiting conventional water heater, they should be rarely used (only when you max out the 6, 10, or 15GAL capacity), so thus not overly stressed -- and thus not leaving you stranded should the cheap version fail. I think we all like to tout buying quality, but after a while, one realizes that it just doesn't matter if you have a Vacheron-Constantin and drive a Rolls, when you just want to go to the grocery store and back in your 87 Tercel with a Timex. We aren't talking about traveling in outer space, where you have no chance to pull over to a Lowes, ya know.
  10. I was also interested in a tankless heater -- but not to replace my present 6GAL propane water heater, but to use in tandem with it. Since our water heater is only 6 gallons, in the event that we would need more hot water in a short amount of time, I'd like the tankless to kick in to meet sudden extra demans. If it's only about $200, it seems worth the money for just those times when more is needed. It certainly would be cheaper than installing a 10 or 15gal tank, in that there would not be the need to heat up and maintain the heat in a whole 10/15 Gal holding tank as it sits there unused.
  11. Hello - does this fit a 2013 Dodge Caravan SXT, 3.6 Flex engine? Thanks.
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