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  1. We picked ours up in Sherman MS in April, took I 40 and stopped in Russellville, AR; were going to stay in OK 2nd night, but tornados pushed us on to Amarillo, then Albuquerque and on to PHX area 4th day. Didn't want to push to new engine too hard, and weather was not good. You don't make the same time in the RV anyway as in a car. I-10/I-20 should be safer in the winter. Also remember that the highways are basically in bad shape, and you may not want a literal "shakedown" trip Enjoy!
  2. OR Hwy 42 closed http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28696139.cfm
  3. I've been looking at Cricket as an alternative to AT&T. From what I've seen, Cricket is owned by AT&T and uses the same cell towers, so coverage should be identical. Two differences between them look like: Cricket high speed data stream is apparently "throttled" at 8Mbps, while AT&T's is not; Cricket also does not allow use of the smartphone as a hotspot. 20gb for $60 would be tempting, but the apparent limitations are significant.
  4. We just got back from Port Orford Village RV Park last month. Went north on 101 to Hwy 42 and then over to I-5 and over to 395 via 89/44/36, thru Reno (Sparks Marina RV Park a good stop) and down, stopping along the way before weather chased us home We left Sparks a day early to beat a storm, but still were influenced by its preview winds. I-5 south to the 210 east to the 10 at Redlands would probably be most direct, but given your preference, I'd consider 99 or maybe 395 south. Lots to see and do on 395. The only thing to watch out for on 395 option is weather: high elevations, a
  5. 2010 Honda Fit four-door, excellent mechanical condition, averages 35-40mpg highway. Mileage: 46,400 Clear title Set up for towing with Blue Ox baseplate and Roadmaster Fusemaster (no radio fuse-pulling); drop hitch extension included. Upgraded for Remote door locking/unlocking (2 remote keys) Always maintained at/better than recommendations; no accidents HondaCare Extended Warranty through August 2018 (transfer fee of $50) Four new Yokohama Avid tires Sept. 2015. New battery August 2015 Oil change/filter Sept. 2015 Four wheel alignment, Transmission System Flush, new cabin air f
  6. Don't know if the OP has had the problem resolved yet, but my SF42 Suburban FINALLY ignited when the 4th tech service (over 3 months) to try to get it to ignite said the problem was too much air being blown over igniter when propane released, so there was never enough propane available to ignite with the spark: just blows propane outside (I could always smell it). He put an air flow restrictor in, and it does work, ignites and heats every time. Not sure this is a good long-term solution, so Tiffin has agreed to send me a new furnace under their warranty. At least I have real heat for the mo
  7. Driving on 101 today, I saw sign saying 1-2 hour delays daily until 3pm. Not sure how long this will be, but check into it if planning to go this route.
  8. I have the CoPilot HD app, and while I like it generally, I have found it unable to find quite a few addresses/destinations while traveling this summer. For example, USA RV Park in Gallup NM: it tells me there are no house numbers on US 66 in Gallup, and redirects me to Wrangler Road in Continental Divide, NM, not even close. This park is not a new location, has been there years. If it can't find an address, why not at least offer to take me to Gallup? Similar results on a number of other destinations. I contacted them about this, with a few examples, never heard anything back.
  9. So I guess I missed seeing that the CEOs of JP Morgan/Chase, Target, etc etc etc etc had similarly "resigned in disgrace"?
  10. I had a Lazy Days 30' a few years ago, purchased after much research. It may seem a bit "quirky" dealing directly with the factory, but they are very well built. I think they have 24-27-31 foot models. Many loyal and long-term owners.
  11. Don't know of any inspectors, but you might consider Jeff Averyt (http://fixmyrvaz.com), whom I have used for repairs and found competent.
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