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  1. I wont do it then, I will look for local eggs where ever I go and stick tomy pet preying mantids.They lay eggs but they are terrible eating! Thank you everyone.
  2. I am planning on becoming a full timer and I would like to have 4 ducks or chickens. Not both at the same time! I would love to have for eggs as well as pets. Do you know of anyone with pet ducks?
  3. Its looking like dogs have more rights than people do! The first way to protect yourself is to very carefully look up the state's laws about dogs. I used to raise angora rabbits when I lived on my own property. One day while I was in town, two dogs came and attacked my rabbits. They were gone by the time I got home. I had to shoot two of my favorite bucks because thier feet were ripped off. I never found out where the dogs came from. Then, months later, I looked out my window about saw two pitbulls under my rabbit cages! I screamed at them but they didn't leave. I got my gun, went out and screamed again. The big male started charging at me and I shot him. The other was young and silly, a mostly grown puppy. I let her go unharmed. The police came with the owner, they made him take his dog and leave quietly. Acouple months later, I got a summons to court for shooting the dog and some kind of mischief. Nobody wanted to tell me my rights! The case was dismissed, but the whole time, nobody wanted to tell me my rights if I as a livestock owner had the right to shoot. I did I found out on my own by looking at the state laws. Livestock owners have the right to shoot to protect. The system cared more about the dog than me! So read your rights! It will save you alot of trouble!
  4. Let us know what happens with the staff of the campground. Dogs terrify me! I also agree with the pepper spray. It doesn't injure but the attacking dog wont forget what happened and hopefully it wont attack others after getting a face full of fire! Take good care of yourself.
  5. Why aluminum instead of fiberglass?
  6. Gregcarr, I plan on taking my praying mantids with me but also my frogs! The big question in my mind is legality problems. Some frogs like the cuban tree frog are kill on sight non-natives in florida. Its no problem hiding small things like my mantids, they love hanging out on my plants, but frogs are noisy. What would you do if one of your larger pets is illegal in a state you are visiting for a season?
  7. I have thought about very small birds, finchs or canaries. They would not bother the neighbors and they are both pretty to look at and hear! I am definitely bringing my mantids.
  8. Oh no! Thats sad. The best thing is to be kind. There are too many people who would make fun of her to her face.
  9. I dont sew well but I am a handspinner. I make yarn from mostly exotic fibers. Fiber can take up alot of room. I mean ALOT! Im thinking if I get a class c, I can store my fiber in the part over the driver and passenger seats.My wheel doesnt take alot of room, it can sit in the passenger seat. What to do with all the yarn? Is is ok to sell at campgrounds? What will you do with your projects? I think you must put in far more energy and attention than I do. Will you sell them or give them as gifts?
  10. What is the weirdest pet you've seen with someone? When I finally get to hit the road, I will bring my praying mantids with me!
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