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  1. Kirk W, I appreciate your concern. I didn't give you all the info. It is A Goodyear Endurance RSA tire which is indeed a truck tire recommended for a steer tire with a secondary application of a drive tire. I had not thought about going to a state without sales tax. Very good thought. Thanks
  2. I GOT IT! Thanks for all your suggestions! Now I have the info and I am pleased as the four rear tires are 2016 tires manufactured in the 33rd week. BUT I need 2 new front tires. They were manufactured in the 38th week of 2013. Trying to determine the best tires to replace those with. The rear are Goodyear Endurance 245 70R 195 load range H. Currently the front are Goodyear G670 of the same size but load range G. I was thinking TOYO, but am not near where I was quoted on that tire last summer and haven't located the correct size locally yet.
  3. Hey! This is widowds again. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have actually been following and noting them all. It has been really rainy and so far I haven't been successful at getting the codes off the tires hopefully because I haven't put much effort into the quest with all the rain. But the weather should be better tomorrow and the next few days and I will be out there trying. I will let you all know how it goes. Sorry I didn't let you know I was seeing your suggestions. It sure is nice to have people who take their time to respond. Again Thanks!
  4. Anyone with any suggestion for accessing the DOT date code which is hidden between each set of dual tires? I have an appointment for the smartweigh program and one of the requested bits of information is the DOT date code of the tires. I have the front tires codes - no problems. Both sets of duals are mounted so the code is hidden between the tires. I really don't want to even consider removing the outside two tires but that seems to be the only way I can get the info. I tried putting my phone on a selfie stick and putting it between the tires but the images are just too blurred to even determine where the code is exactly. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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