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  1. Yes and Facebook and craigslist.
  2. I am in the market for the above, in good condition.
  3. 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for sale $12,500 now $11,500 now $7000 We no longer have an RV and will be going a different direction (travel Trailer). We will buy a new vehicle to tow it, and are selling are trusty sidekick. Details below, but basically, it is set up to be towed with a Blue Ox tow bar. It also is set up to tow small loads, with a receiver hitch and electrical connection on the rear bumper. It had that when I bought it, and I haven't ever towed anything with it. It has the electrical setup so the tail lights, turn signals and brake lights are controlled by the signal from the RV towing. We opted for the Michelin tires for towing, rather than something more aggressive, but we do and have used this jeep in mild to moderate off roading, without issue. I never had to use the winch for recovery, but I can vouch that it works fine, as I did use it to pull out some recalcitrant plants. I have the paperwork on everything done since I bought it, including the engine replacement. Pictures available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EGU9y5dGyk33Mq258 I also have a TPMS that I used on the RV and this Jeep. If it doesn't sell I would include it with a full price offer. It has 10 sensors, 6 for the RV, 4 for the Toad. 150k mileage, new engine installed at 142k. Set up to be towed with Blue Ox connections for tow bar and electrical. (Tow bar not included.) 3-4" lift Michielin 50k tires on it, with about 10k of useage Steel grab handles installed High lift jack installed inside tailgate (out of weather) Seats were replaced with heated Corbeau seats. Overhead console installed for extra storage for small items. 5 speed manual Extra sockets for DC plug ins to charge phones installed. Hard top aftermaket single disk CD stereo. Winch K&W Air Filter Custom side step rails. Located in Montrose, Colorado. Email me at inflt48 @ gmail DOT com.
  4. Jeep has been SOLD! Thanks for everyone's interest.
  5. I sent you an email. You didn't reply. Sorry you think I'm a jerk, but I do check and my email address is good. Maybe you mistyped it? I even sent you my phone number.
  6. 2007 Jeep Commander I don't have an RV anymore, and wish to upgrade my daily driver. So, I have my 2007 Jeep Commander for sale. It has the HEMI engine and is set up to tow (6500 pounds rated), as well as to be towed. It has the Blue Ox baseplate and electrical (6 pin) hookup. It is in good shape mechanically. I use full synthetic oil, maintenance free battery, and fairly new tires. I put 60000 mile rated Michelins on about a year ago, and have not put many miles on since then. It is the Limited trim level, and includes internal GPS, sunroof over front seats, dual skylights over the rear seats, and includes 3rd row seating, giving a total seating capacity of 7. It has heat/ac controls for the 3rd row, heated seats for the front row, smart wipers, 6disk cd, etc, etc. For the bad, now. Having spent most of it's life in Arizona and Nevada, it has some sunburned spots in front of sunrooF and sun "Scratcjes" on hood. It is black, with black leather interior. It has 133k miles. NADA tradein is $6125. I am asking $6500 negotiable or $6000 firm .😁 I am located in Montrose, Colorado. If interested, please email me with your phone number to inflt 48 AT gmail DOT com. Thank you! .
  7. Sorry, fat fingered. Corrected model in post.
  8. When I had Dish in my RV, I used this one. I have gone to Over the Air, and no longer use Dish. The 722k Is a dual tuner, has inputs for 2 satellites. It supports 2 TVs as well. It comes with a 500 GB internal drive and has a USB port to support additional external storage. It also has Ethernet and HDMI ports. I added the OTA module, so it also receives over the air locals. It is complete, ready to install, and comes with both the remotes (one per TV). I used a Winegard Dish, but that went with the RV. I will take $100 shipped to anywhere in the continental US (IOW, shipping included). I can email pix if needed. Thanks for looking.
  9. I have for sale a 1999 Lazy Daze rv; it is a Class C, built on a Ford cab and powered by the strong V10. It has about 65000 happy miles on it. For information about the LD brand, look on the manufacturer's web site at http://www.lazydaze.com and pay special attention to the build quality, the type of paint used and that sort of thing.This is the midbath floorplan, with twin sofas in the rear that convert to either twin beds or a super king. I have replaced the factory gauges with the Sea Level II gauges (that actually work!). https://www.garnetinstruments.com/rv-shop/products/ . I replaced the old CRT type tv with a new Vizio 32" 1080p HD flatscreen television. I also added a Winegard OTA automatic dome antenna. http://www.winegard.com/rayzarauto.The tires and battery's are between 2 and 3 years old, but the tires have almost no miles on them. I have added an Extend-a-stay external LP connector and a Profill watering system. I also put a mesh hornet guard over the furnace intake and added a battery disconnect to the truck battery.Overall the rig is in very good condition, with no damage, either inside or out. It can be seen by prearrangement in Dewey, AZ. Title is clean and not encumbered with any lien. Pictures can be seen at my Craigslist ad: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/rvs/6041279612.html
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