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  1. We went through our stuff kinda room by room. If we felt it was worth an appreciable amount we put it on E-Bay or Craigs list. If it meant nothing to us it went out for garage sale, we had three garage sales, what didn't sell went to local charities. Any sentimental items along with a lot of my tools were boxed and stored at our daughters garage. In regards to the garage sale route we had to remember that "we want to get rid of as much as possible" so if someone offered .50c on something marked $1.00 we sold it rather than bicker. It's not that hard if your really determined to get rid of the
  2. John & Kirk, THANK YOU both again for your input on my issue. Still working good today!!! Steve
  3. Well I got a chance to do some diagnosis today and I found the following, 1) Checked pedestal line voltage 112-118V 2) Checked line and load voltage @ surge protector 112-118V 3) Checked Voltage @ SP every 30 min. for 7 hrs. lowest reading 111V, highest 118V 4) Checked current draw on both A/C units 15-16amps 5) Everything working fine today 6) I should know better than to ASSUME Soooo, Today as I'm checking voltages the park has quite a few open sites and the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees, when I experienced problems the park was very full and it was about 105 degrees
  4. John, Kirk got me thinking that it could be the Surge protector instead of the transfer switch (they're mounted side by side and I assumed transfer switch based on the sound). I should have time to do some more diagnosis Wednesday and I'll let you know what I find. Thanks, Steve
  5. Kirk, They are mounted side by side, so no I'm not sure (I assumed and you know that saying). I will be away tomorrow but hope to be able to do some diagnosis on Wednesday. I will check the line and load voltages and hopefully recreate the problem while my meter is connected. Thanks for the idea's, I'll post what I find out about the problem. Steve
  6. Oldjohnt, In regards to your suggestion of the brownout condition, I should have added that after the issues yesterday I tried the front A/C again today and low and behold it started and worked fine for about an hour before once again tripping the transfer switch. That is leading me to believe the Start capacitor is probably OK in the A/C unit. I'm not that familiar with the workings of the transfer switch but I'm wondering if it's possibly thermally protected and tripping prior to the breaker tripping.Thanks for the suggestions. Steve
  7. Yarome, I have a plug in Progressive ind. EMS at the pedestal along with a SurgeGuard hardwired in the coach, both in-line before the transfer switch. Neither one shows any codes. As for the transfer switch, shore power is wired as primary, generator as alternate. Steve
  8. So here's my issue. We're currently hooked to our 50A site that we've been at for the last six months. I have two 13,500 Duo-Therm A/C units, both original 2004 models on the coach. We've been running both quite a bit lately with no problems. Yesterday we lost all power in the coach, checked the pedestal main breaker, OK, checked coach main breaker OK, check A/C breakers OK. As I'm heading out to grab my multi-meter I hear my transfer switch engage and I have power again but as soon as the front A/C unit tries to start up I lose power again, once again because the transfer switch is "thrown" (
  9. I believe if you use the RV Trader you can put in keywords for the features you want. You can also search the entire US with their site. When your looking at either motorhomes or trailers be aware of the "Cargo Carrying Capacity". Your going to want a good amount of carrying capacity if your fulltiming. We carry approx. 4000 lbs. worth of stuff with us, about 1000 lbs. being motorcycle related. Good Luck, Steve
  10. Moved into the trailer full-time on Feb.1st, stayed in Southern Cal. until May 1st. to finish last minute details. Two weeks in Forth Worth area to visit family then off to North Carolina & Virginia for the summer to ride our Motorcycle through the beautiful Smokey Mountains. September we left for Minnesota via the Great River Road to visit family before heading to the Black Hills for some more great riding. Left Minnesota for Southwest Colorado then a couple of months in Arizona for the wonderful weather. Now back in So. Cal. with "Hitch Itch". Leaving next week for a month in Gold Countr
  11. 02/01/14, it's our one year anniversary of full-timing!!!! We both still love it and we're looking forward to all of our future travels. It's a big country with so much to see. Safe travels to all, Steve & Debby
  12. Scott, When we left Maggie Valley we went West on I-40 towards Knoxville. There were some curves that are very well marked at I believe 45 mph. Heed the warnings and you'll be fine, no major ascents or descents just winding for an Interstate. The scenery was pretty nice also!! Safe travels, Steve
  13. My tow today challenged my F350 as we went over Black Mountain on I40. I've seen that particular mountain pull ranked as the 10th hardest in the US. We came up and over with no problems (aside from the fuel gauge seeming to be in free fall). Coming west it was about 5 miles of 6% pulling. Scott, We pulled that I-40 pass twice in the last two month's and I would agree. Can I ask, where did you find a ranking for passes? Steve
  14. Dosbeagles and OkieJ, CONGRATS !!! and enjoy your new adventures. Cheers, Steve
  15. Jim, As of now we have no real plans for August, but we just might be close to the South Dakota area (Minnesota). I'll let you know if we decide to make the ride over towards Sturgis. Safe Travels, Steve
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