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  1. See red arrow...any ideas?
  2. Was at an RV show in Pittsburgh. About 80% of the upholstered furniture and beds seemed uncomfortable. What is your experience?
  3. I thought the RV antifreeze was $4.50 a gallon. If it is that cheap then OK with the RV stuff.
  4. RV antifreeze is pretty pricey. I don't antifreeze by water system. I just drain it good, disconnect the pump and run it as dry as possible. Never had a problem in over a decade. In the traps I've been using RV antifreeze. Can I use blue low temp window washer fluid in the traps? I was wondering if the window fluid gives off some fumes that may be bad. (I don't live in it with the washer fluid in the traps.) BTW, I'm in zone 6. I use blue window washer fluid (diluted ) in my cassette toilet and it works good. Highly diluted in summer for black mold control. I dilute the window washer fluid 50% with water in the winter for cold temp protection in the cassette toilet.
  5. OP...yes. 2+ year old gas. But it has stabilin it. I just throw in a half a gallon or so when tank is 75% full. 2 stroke, whatever. Although 2 stroke is usually less than half a gallon.
  6. You are lucky you put in your time before digital hit. That job is a dying breed nowadays...as well as print papers. Here are some press photogs from my Archive as well as some Weegee audio: https://archive.org/search.php?query=press photographers collection teoli
  7. Good for you! Why didn't you like the Coachman? I guess the Lazy D is the Airstream of C's.
  8. Great idea! I think I can go with 350/3500. I don't carry much or tow.
  9. I'm just learning about them now. I never had AC in my rig. I'm getting sick of 98 degree heat inside. If I cook it goes to 106. I thought that AC was either electric or propane gen run. I boondock a lot, so having an AC that would drain the propane in a few days would not be good. Gas fed is the way to go, so I will have to make sure that is what I get.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, was hoping for new.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't know that C gens run off the main gas tank. That saves a lot of worries about running out of LP.
  12. Just an average gen that comes with a smaller size class c.
  13. Can't afford a Lazy D, who makes a decent budget priced C in the 25 foot area? I'd like to get Ford gas powered and bedroom slide out.
  14. Using a propane powered generator, about how long would the A/C run before it runs a 20 pounder dry? (Interested in smaller class c size units as discussion.) Thanks
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