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  1. Since you are coming from the West, the Skywalk on the West rim is well worth doing. We stayed at Kingman, AZ, and drove up for the day. Pretty and interesting with different views besides just the usual North and South rims.
  2. 2nd Hand Books in Mesa, AZ is great. The pay you cash for your used books if accepted. You don't have to use just their in store credit. The store is big and they have a huge collection.
  3. There is also Irvine Shade and Door. irvineshadeanddoor,com. We had them installed to years ago and are well pleased. Not as expensive as MDC. We have the double shade-day shade, night shade and not electric. They really do keep the cold out and the warm in. Well worth the money. Carol
  4. Take it one step at the time. My husband had his "guy yard sale". What was left went to Goodwill. Then I had the household yard sale. What was left went to Goodwill. Then I started listing items on Craig's List and stuff flew out the door! Saved enough to stage the house properly because a well staged house sells faster than an empty one. Then after the house sold, I put the rest of the items on Craig's list. What was left went to Goodwill. The easiest way for me to do the process was to take one room at a time. Sort, throw out, mark boxes with "yard sale", "RV", "kids" if they ant things, "storage" (if you keep a unit"). Clean, make any repairs, and stage the room, shut the door and move on to the next room or area. Trying to think of everything in the whole house can be daunting. Hope that helps. Carol
  5. As mentioned above, the snowbirds take over Tucson in the winter. We stay at Rincon West and every mid-Jan and all of Feb, they are completely full. So making an early reservation may be a better option. We didn't used to make reservations years ago. But now it seems they are almost always required to get into the areas we want to stay. You see more and more Rvers but no new campgrounds so the more popular areas of the country fill up way in advance.
  6. On the inside, we found a great all natural product at Wal-Mart. Works on just about everything, especially good on the stove top and glass. It is Great Value Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner.
  7. Jim & Sandie, on 25 Aug 2016 - 11:34 AM, said: We finally signed the closing papers on the house in Billings so no more drive way parking for us. Thank goodness. So happy for you! I know that feeling! Some people regret selling a home, but we have no regrets whatsoever! Enjoy being evn more stress free!! See you soon! Carol . .
  8. We, too, have the Corian sink and whiten it with Clorox as suggested above. For any marks from pan, etc., I use Bon Ami cleanser because it does not scratch surfaces. You have to get it at Target. Works great and is good for other delicate surfaces as well.
  9. Hate to give up my Toshiba after 5 years, but it is starting to give me problems. It is windows 7 and time to go to Windows 10. Sales clerk at Staples told us that Toshiba and Acer are trying to get out of the computer business. I this true?? A 17" screen Toshiba is hard to find and has to be ordered. Stores, except Wal-Mart, don't have Acers. So looked at HP Pavilion. What is your opinion of HP? Should I try and find another Toshiba? No, won't deal with Best Buy and hate to order thru Amazon. Help would be appreciated. Carol
  10. ccsimpson

    North West

    March 1st is when I made reservations at North Yellowstone for June and was told it was a good time to call because the park was filling up for the summer already. Remember, Yellowstone gets several million visitors and set a new record last summer. We don't like reservations either but are finding more and more that they are necessary in the popular parks and other areas. So I would certainly make reservations now for the parks you mentioned above as soon as those places start accepting them. For some parks in our travels, we can make reservations closer to the time we are in the area. You can always either adjust or cancel a reservation. rvparkreviews.com would be tremendous help to you in finding campgrounds. Also, a free app on you iphone is RVParky. Just enter a city and it will bring up all the campgrounds in the area. Hang in there with the wife and fulltiming. Took me 5 years of travel and going back and forth home to decide we were missing out on seeing so much of the country while we are still able. Seven years later we don't regret one minute of selling the house. Good luck and safe travels.
  11. As far as where to put it, we bolted it to the closet floor. It isn't real big, so if a burglar ever wants it, they won't get anything unless they haul off the whole RV!
  12. Also, casinos are a great option for free camping. Just let security know you are there. Some will give you a permit for your window. The 24 hour security is great. Same rule, do not look like you are camping.
  13. We took a Holland America cruise on the Rotterdam in 2010 for 7 days in the Inside Passage. We had done the interior in 2006 in our RV.Was my first cruise so agent recommended smaller ship. What a great suggestion. Ship only had about 1300 people, including staff. We are not party people. AK was what we were there to see. Chose a cabin on deck at water level. Still had a picture window on the walk around deck. It was a wonderful peaceful cruise. There were hardly any children, so nice & quiet with either open dining or set dining. We did open dining or the regular daily buffet restaurant with windows opening to great views. Several land and sea excursions were offered. Plus this ship went where the bigger ones cannot. For example, at Glacier Bay, we were only a quarter of a mile from the face of Hubbard Glacier. We also did Skagway, where big ships can't go and the town was loaded with history. You didn't say how you were going to start your cruise. We had the best advise from our agent (no cost involved). We got a site at the SKP park there in Port Townsend for a month so we could get on a regular site. The park will let you be away for 7 days, other wise you have to park your RV in storage. We took the ferry over to Seattle, parked the truck in the secure parking lot, and walked right onto the ship. Did the same thing coming back. Just walked off the ship, picked up the truck, got on the ferry and returned to the SKP park. Simple and easy. No getting off a plane, waiting for luggage, then shuttle to the ship and transferring luggage that may not even get to your ship room until many hours after you are in the room. Then the same hassle when the ship returns. The way we did it was so easy and stress free. It was a wonderful experience and the total cost for the 7 day cruise, including the parking lot for the truck, plus any drinks to our room, etc., was only $2200.00 for the entire trip. I am sure prices are a little higher now, but still reasonable. Which ever way you decide to do it, you will have a wonderful time.
  14. My favorite for breakfast is Chafins Diner/Cafe. Sort of on the West side. Great food and tons of it!
  15. Have any of you switched over to Windows 10? Does it support your other programs like faststone.org, or Photo Elements 12? Did you buy a whole new computer? Reviews for downloading on our current laptop indicate that the downloading doesn't work well. We are reading more and more that Windows will stop supporting Windows 7 and 8. Thanks for your input. Gosh, What a hassle to move everything!
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