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  1. I attended my first Escapade without an RV, I stayed at a local hotel. You also do not need to be a member. But best to register for the whole event - so much to choose from!
  2. Yes...for example, the lot was rented from Oct-Mar this year at $550 a month. Bee's takes a small percentage for handling the billing/collection and we paid for more than a year of monthly fees.
  3. ~ Price: $22,995 to assume the balance of the 99-year lease~ Access to the lot all year round, just pull in and park! ~ The campground office will rent the site for you in your absence. Have the site pay for itself!~ The lot is fully paved and shaded most of the year (lot size approx 30'x75')~ New in 2017: 8'x12' wooden shed from Lark Sheds, permitted, installed with hurricane tie-downs~ Lease may be passed on to your children or other beneficiaries upon death~ Monthly community fees, approx $210/per monthSee photos and more details at https://ourprimeyears.blogspot.com/2017/11/more-changes.htmlWe will answer questions, but all requests to see the property or for further information about the purchase must go to Bee's RV Resort in Clermont. http://www.beesrvresort.com/
  4. Parking crew was amazing! Thanks to them all.
  5. This won't be for going around the campground, we will walk that. This is for going out to dinner with friends, running errands and sightseeing. Much more convenient and economical than the Freightliner. Not our first Escapade so more of a social event than attending many sessions
  6. Hey Kirk (or Molly/Bob) - we are coming with our toy hauler and would like to be able to unload the trike. Will we need to do this in the car-unhook area or will there (generally) be room behind our rig (60' of Freightliner/5th wheel)? We arrive on Saturday, coming in from Plattsburgh, NY area. Thanks - excited to me attending our first Escapade since we met at the one in Gillette, WY back in 2008!
  7. SOLD!!!! Selling Thousand Trails - TRANSFER FEE ONLY We are hoping to sell our Thousand Trails membership for the cost of the transfer fee only ($1000 last we were quoted). We are selling because we have bought an RV lot in Florida and will be snowbirding most years. Member #189960026 This is the information I had saved from when we bought it (as a resale) but please contact TT for accurate and up to date information. I am NOT verifying anything below as accurate. All questions about this membership should be answered by calling Thousand Trails Member Services at (800) 388-7788. ~~~~ *Book 210 days in advance *3 high use reservations on file instead of 2 *2 holiday reservations on file instead of 1 *Alliance member gets 25% off the guest rate *Unique to Alliance, whenever transferred the dues will be 50% off increase CPI after the age of 65. System Wide 1000 / Thousand Trails Alliance membership not a lifetime membership which can be used in ANY Thousand Trails or NACO park. With this membership you can go from one park to another in the system without any waiting period. 50 nights of camping per year for your annual fee. Any days above the 50 days is $5.00 per night. INCLUDES THE ADVANCED RESERVATION POLICY allowing you an additional 30 days above other members who do not have an ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP and TWO HOLIDAY ADVANCED NOTIFICATIONS which will allow you to make reservations to stay at Preserves during two holiday periods. Please PM or email (froggi.donna@gmail.com) if interested AFTER talking to TT membership folks. I can't answer any questions other that what is stated about. Again, selling for transfer fee only.
  8. Once again, thank you all. I will keep all your notes and we will adapt over time. We will monitor our usage on our Verizon data plan, then try it as a hotspot and monitor it again. We will also get our Karma this week and can see if it works well. Nice thing on the Karma, the data never expires. Kept notes on all the antennas, extenders, etc. for future reference. We still have to go back to Ecuador until the end of the year, so will be January before we really start using this. Appreciate it!
  9. Thank you all for your input. It's much appreciated!
  10. Thanks, Dutch. I didn't know that Straight Talk offered MiFi plans. That's what happens when you move abroad for two years. LOL! I write books and do a lot of research, marketing and promotion so we tend to eat up a lot of time. Definitely going to miss our old unlimited aircard.
  11. Garry, are you online very much? We have a Verizon 12GB plan for our smartphones and don't use very much of it. Haven't tried the hotspot yet but guess we can do that on hubby's iPhone 6. Dutch, we chose it because it was the only one we found that covered Greenwood, DE. This was done before we thought about returning from Ecuador permanently. We have friends that were using Verizon's Mifi when we left, was just wondering if there was a better alternative. We will be parked in FL for three months at a park where wifi is only available at the office. Ugh!
  12. Two years ago when we moved to Ecuador, we cancelled our Verizon 3G unlimited plan (sigh...it as $60 a month). Now that we are planning to return to full-timing, we are wondering what folks are using. We have bought, and are waiting to receive, a new device from Karma. We bought it when we thought we'd only be using it a few weeks out of the year. It's $14/GB but it never expires. SHould have it next week and will be testing it then while in Delaware parked at our daughter's house, she doesn't have good wifi for us to borrow.
  13. We haven't been to an Escapade since 2008 in Gillette, WY (which is where we met). We just signed up for VT and are REALLY looking forward to it. We did the New England in 2011 and fell in love with VT. Well, except for the heel on my boot that came off and wouldn't stay glued on so I had to buy new boots at the Harley dealer (I was riding my own then). We did several tours of local micro-brews in VT and didn't get them all. Looking forward to some local riding again while there. We now ride a Tri-Glide.
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