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  1. Finally got it figured out. DW has Verizon with hot spot. That's what I'm using now as I sit in the MH in Tuckahoe SP. I have unlimited data on my ATT but no hot spot. Maybe when we get home next week I'll look into changing that. But thank you all SO MUCH!!!! for all your help and advice. I learned a lot. We now have a clue(albeit a small one) of what we are doing. Our daughter over here helped a lot too-telling me that I have no hot spot on ATT. Looks like we are set. Thanks again . Gary
  2. I'm slowly learning this stuff. I REALLY!!! appreciate all the help and patience that is being shown here. What I see so far is that my phone is hot spot & tethering capable, but when I try to set it up I get a message that says to go to myATT or call 611. So it looks like my plan maybe does not support hot spot. Guess I'll have to check with ATT. Right now our trip is kind of on hold until maybe later in summer, so not too much of a hurry. Plenty of smaller trips before then though. Gary
  3. don't know. How do I find out? When I said we were technologically challenged, this was no joke. I couldn't access pictures on my phone the other day, and a 10 yr old amish boy said he would get them up for me(really happened). Maybe it should be illegal for me to have a cell phone.
  4. Back in the easy chair again. Just looked at my AT&T prepaid plan and I have unlimited data(shows how in the know we are). Now the big question is "can I use my laptop through this plan?" (through cell signal on the road) If so, what do I need to accomplish this? Gary
  5. Thank you all so much for the info, but I will have to explore this in a few days. A couple things have come up unexpectedly that must be attended to and one involves out of town.. Gary
  6. Twotoes, thanks for your reply. I wasn't looking for 5g, but what I meant was Consumer Cellular has a plan with 5gig of data. And I believe that they use ATT & T mobile towers. AT&T and I currently aren't seeing eye to eye, but I guess it's that way with most big businesses today. I do know that you have to have a signal to boost, and really don't want to spend $500 for one, but I will to keep from buying a piece of junk. We really shouldn't be way out in the " boonies", so there should be some type of a signal. If not I guess we read a book. Just not sure what direction to go because of our lack of knowledge. Gary
  7. Planning a several week trip this spring & summer. Mainly from Oh to NM then AZ, Las Vegas, then Ca coast to Or, Wa, then across US 2 back toward Ohio. Tentatively staying on the 2 lanes. DW has Verizon and I have ATT(prepaid). We are rather technologically challenged and are wondering what we need. We would like to have internet. We don't watch movies or stream music. It will mainly be surfing web for news, CGs, fuel prices, weather, email, etc. Occasionally a youtube video. Was guessing 5gb(??) would fill our needs, but,?? Was looking at consumer cellular 5gb plan for $20 month(I would change my phone, DW would keep her verizion(she is on a plan with our daughter which has 8 phones already on it so we're going to leave that alone). I read about jet packs, hot spots, mobley, boosters, and get really confused. Any help here as to what to get? Or is this a question along the line of "which is better, gas or diesel?".
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