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  1. I just sent you my phone number in case you have any questions and I don't get on here for a while. Good luck in you search!
  2. I think each agency will have their own experiences and policies. Which makes it difficult for guys like us to get things done. consistency never seems to be a factor when dealing with the DOL. The one where I went was very against even the thought of it at first, stating it cant be done, until I politely educated them. Then they were very willing. I don't blame them as that process is something they rarely deal with if ever. If yours is giving you troubles mine will help as they just did mine last month. I would even go with you to help remind them of the process if youd like.
  3. We are not too far away, I am in Graham. Might be a bit of a drive but I would recommend gong to EZ licensing and title on 224th and mountain hwy. Seeing how I just did mine there very smoothly they would remember how to do everything. I purchased my truck in State although it didn't have current registration. If you have any other questions I would be happy to help.
  4. It was really easy. I just went to my local licensing office. You need to have a declaration or statement of fact filled out saying that you have installed the necessary items to make it a motor home in Washington state. The form can be gotten in the office or downloaded online. And to answer your question it just has to have one or the other in regards to cooking and restroom facilities. A microwave is approved. All i have is a gas stove in the tool box. I didn't need to have a Washington state inspection or even have it weighed on a scale. In fact when i went to them the truck had not had current registration in many many years. It was all done in less than 15 minutes. Not every dol is going to be well versed in this process as its not common. I had to do a little bit of gentle education to move my process along but they were very accommodating. Where do you live? If you are close I can direct you to the office I used where it was a breeze. And like Dan412 said, the only thing they asked for was the length.
  5. I am under the impression that both cables are broken. One is undone sitting under the dash, not sure if its tachometer or speedometer. But it does not spin at all when running or driving.
  6. I'm sure the truck knows what to do, its me that is the weak link in shifting. The Tach actually doesn't work. Its a running driving restoration project. I'm solid floating the gears through the first 5. Then I get to the high range 5 I find myself clutching when i shift. And down shifting is a whole other issue haha I'm sure ill get the hang of it!
  7. Now that it is has proper licencing I took it for its first real drive which was only about an hour long. Boy do I need practice shifting haha
  8. I take it back. RCW 46.44.105 states "However, unladen tow trucks regardless of weight and farm vehicles carrying farm produce with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating of 11,794 kilograms or less (26,000 pounds or less) may fail or refuse to stop at a weighing station when proper traffic control signs indicate scales are open." Am I considered at "tow truck"? the definition of a "Tow Truck" according to RCW 46.55 states "Tow truck" means a motor vehicle that is equipped for and used in the business of towing vehicles with equipment as approved by the state patrol." The problem with that is that I am not using it for business. I do have a dozer bed but its not specifically designed for carrying vehicles such as cars and trucks. Things get grey enough I think my best bet is to stop and see for myself.
  9. I have yet to stop at a scale house with my RV. The information above is pulled directly off of the Washington Department of Licencing website. I have searched the RCW's and have found no section on scales and tractors that have been converted to motor homes. The RCW 46.04.305 states the definition of a motor home which is word for word what is listed on their website. Until I have further experience I will do as directed from the DOL. The chances of me ever hitting a scale are going to be very slim. But I want to be prepared when I need to.
  10. Still trying to figure out how to resize pictures. Here is the link to my post on the truckers report if anyone wants to see pictures. https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/threads/1976-k100-cabover-project.1769193/
  11. Yes and No. I wont ever drive out of state, and here in Washington they have some scales that are driven by weight, which this will never weigh enough to be required to stop. And some scales that require all trucks to stop. I will stop at those and provide my registration that has it identified as a motor home. I will also provide the receipt for the stove so they know one has been purchased. I will inform them that this is a privately owned coach, as stated on the cab which says not for hire. And I am not using it for any commercial or money making purposes. I would rather play it safe than get stopped for not stopping. Because that would be a guaranteed ticket.
  12. Howdy everyone, I recently picked up an old Cabover k100 that needs some work. Its got a 290 10 speed in it and runs and drives great. I recently had it reclassified as a motor home here in Washington State. Below is what the Washington State DOL says on the matter. "Motor homes converted from a van, truck, or truck/tractor unit A van, truck, or truck/tractor unit may be licensed with the Motor Home Use Type if the vehicle meets the legal description of a motor home and is exclusively used for recreation. Drivers should post a sign stating "Not for Hire" on the side of their rig to signal law enforcement that they aren't in violation of commercial vehicle requirements. They will still need to stop at weigh stations. What is a motorhome? A vehicle designed, reconstructed, or permanently altered to provide facilities for human habitations. This means there must be a lodging with cooking or sewage disposal enclosed within a solid body shell. (A camper or unit constructed separately and affixed to a vehicle does not qualify as a motor home.)" So as long as it has a sleeper, and either a place to cook or a place to use the restroom (portable stoves and toilets are accepted) you can convert it to a motorhome which will lift any CDL or air break restrictions it has. I have a Coleman stove in the tool box and will be ordering not for hire stickers soon. As long as I don't use it to make money it is legal and anyone can drive it.
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