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  1. So, our Norcold N811 is dead Whole we wait for a service tech to tell us how much to replace it I wondered what people's views are on replacing an RV refrigerator with residential one? What sort of additional batteries / inverter would we need to power it for, say, 6 hours whilst travelling? Be interesting to hear!!
  2. That's what I'm hoping. Didn't get chance to check last night it was getting dark as we arrived!
  3. The only name I can find is "Venture Mfg Co" If it helps the RV is a 2008 Dutchmen Monte Vista 33re
  4. The story so far... Landing gear came worked fine this morning (extended to hitch to truck; retracted for storage) At new campsite tonight they won't extend but will retract. I got them down manually with the handle to stabilize the 5th wheel for tonight. Any ideas why they go up but not down? Thanks!
  5. I guess we're going to struggle through for the rest of our drive(!) and then look for a replacement part when we settle in! Thank you all for your help 😊
  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I can't see any yellow "mud" or smell ammonia. The horizontal bottle shaped canister and the pipes around it are cold. The chamber and top heat exchanger are hot. Piping on the exit side of the exchanger are cooler than the exchanger. I guess this means we have a "plug" as per Wrknrvr 😖 Is there anyway of "deplugging" or do I need a service tech?
  7. Hi Our Norcold N811 isn't cooling even though there are no error codes. The boiling chamber is warm, the external top cooling fins are hot, I've tried disconnecting the thermistor to force emergency mode. Same result in AC and LP Any ideas? Thanks!
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