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  1. thank you all for your help. I will set up our escapee mailbox this week, then we'll take a trip to SUMTER country after the holiday and make it official!
  2. Sandsys, I will get an escapees mail box this week, then begin moving credit cards, etc... to my Florida address. Should we make a trip to florida now, or can we wait until January for Drivers License, etc...? thanks in advance
  3. Jim1521, Yes, we've sold our California property (currently living with family and AirBnB's) We plan on giving my hybrid car to my son, and buying a toad next spring, after we pickup the RV.
  4. SWharton. Yes, we're trying to get things done now, so that we will have plenty of time. Why would I get a Livingston Tx address, when I want to be a florida resident? (we chose florida since I'm not yet 65 and not yet eligible for medicare)
  5. I am currently a california resident, but am retiring in the next few weeks. We plan on getting an RV in January, and want to establish domicile in Florida. I have the escapees Florida domicile guide, but we have many many questions: Can anyone outline the steps and timing? * Should we establish an escapees mailing address now or wait until January? * should we make a trip to florida now or wait until January? * How long should we plan to be in Florida to do all this? ( License, banks, etc...) * we are selling our car soon will buy a toad in March/april. so, we won't have to transfer and vehicles, yet * Is the process hard or easy? any links to other posts are appreciated. Jerry
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