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  1. Thanks alot for the feedback folks. The issue about Mexician authorities not recognizing the truck's registration as a motorhome is a concern. I will take the advice about talking to one of the RV Caravan companies. The trip we took down the Baja was with "Baja Amigos". An absolute blast and have developed life long friends as a result. Look forward to more of that in the years to come. But keep the feedback and advice coming. More is better.
  2. We are new to this forum, but have been full-timing it for 4 years. Does anyone have any advice on the procedures, risks, and costs of traveling into mainland Mexico with a large HDT (and Smart Car) pulling a 42' fifth wheel? Any advice on routes, rv campgrounds, experiences, safety, etc?? We've been to the southern tip of Baja Mexico with a fifth wheel, but it was 36' pulled by a pickup. There were times when it was far too big to get to the nice spots. And at that time Ultra Low Sulphur diesel was very difficult to find. I also remember that on long stretches of the Baja #1 highway, it was very narrow...barely 8 ft wide. Thus my concern about taking a large HDT and fifth wheel. What about Mexico vehicle insurance? Who covers such a rig and how much $$? Any advice would really help.
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