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  1. Thanks for the tips! It’s good to know there are more options out there! My wife and we’re going to work the sugar beet harvest last year, but our child care aka grandparents backed out just before we were going to go. I didn’t know there was a truck driving option, now I will look at that too. I didn’t know that UPS hired seasonal drivers. When I hired on with UPS about 25 years ago everyone just moved up the seniority and all the seasonal hires did the crap jobs but I never really knew how the tractor trailer jobs worked. The thing that limits us most as far as workamping jobs is having a four year old. Also I’m pretty sure next year we will settle down somewhere so the little one can go to school.
  2. It went very well as far as taking the test, it was easy and I did well. The part that sucked was being the fourth person in line when they opened the door, and then despite bringing EVERYTHING to prove who I was, where my address is, that I was born, that I have a registered vehicle in the state, and that I have insurance they needed to see my social security card or a passport. I had to run back home to get that, but luckily I grabbed a new number before I left and was again fourth in line when I got back despite their being many more people than that in that in there.
  3. That would be awesome if someone could do that! I could’ve rented a diesel pusher for an outrageous price as long as no one else was renting it for a longer period of time, but technically I would’ve been illegal driving it to the test.
  4. Yes, before I joined the Marine Corps I worked for UPS, and I originally hired on as Christmas help. I actually joined the Marine Corps during the UPS strike in 1997, that was how I got out of Waco, Tx which is where I was living and working at the time. Also unless you’re driving the semi’s a CDL is not required to drive any of the delivery trucks aka package cars.
  5. I have a four year old daughter, and I’m not taking her driving with me. She will stay home with mom when I go for my once or twice a month trip. I just don’t want to be away from her for very long! I waited 42 years for my daughter and I don’t want to miss very many moments with her, she is my life! 😃
  6. I totally agree especially now that I’m getting a Class A. I never meant to limit it to just motorhomes. I am just going to hire on with Horizon Transport, and drive whatever they have for me to deliver. The whole reason for this thread was to try to find someone that could let me use or rent to use a vehicle to take my Class B driving test in. Now since I have been unsuccessful in getting a vehicle I am upgrading to Class A hiring on to a trucking company and using them to get my license. Tomorrow I am going to take my combination vehicle test to upgrade my permit to a Class A. Then it’s off to school for the driving portion.
  7. First off I don’t have a truck and will not be towing anything except my Mini Cooper behind whatever it is that I happen to be driving for delivery. Secondly there’s no worry about any kind of DUI for me, I would be perfectly happy if prohibition was still a thing and I would probably be the guy pulling the trigger on everyone that had anything to do with alcohol...
  8. Doing what? I am a full time RVer with a 4 year old child, and we go all over the country. I haven’t heard of any other driving jobs that I could do form wherever I happen to be in the country, could you tell me about this oil job?
  9. You are probably right on that one. I never said anything about why I hadn’t got a response, nor was I just speaking about lack of response on this forum, just that I hadn’t gotten any response.
  10. Yes I have looked into it thoroughly. You do get paid by the mile at a pretty good rate, but all expenses including fuel are paid by you. You can sleep in the motorhome, but you can’t use anything in it like the bed, toilet, shower, or sinks...basically you’re just sleeping on the floor. I do agree that you would have a hard time making a living doing this and it being your only source of income, but since I only need an extra $1-2k per month to supplement my retirement it’s great for me. All you have to do is one delivery every 30 days to maintain the job, and once I get some debts paid off that’s all I’ll do. I already figured out that a run from Indiana to SoCal would get around $1k after expenses plus while in Indiana I could make a quick run into Canada for a little extra. The biggest expense doing this is getting to the pick up point (ie. Indiana) to get a rig to deliver, because a lot of people will fly and take a cab or Uber and that’s where they loose a lot of money. I have a towed that meets the requirements, so I will drive myself and sleep in the car or at friends and families houses on the way to the pick up point.
  11. I have pretty much given up on getting my Class B since no one until you has responded to this. I have determined that the way things are set up now it’s mandatory that you attend a school to get your license or you have to know someone with a vehicle that’s 26,000 lbs or higher that will let you borrow it. Since I cannot find anyone with a diesel pusher or anything else that meets the weight requirement, I’m just going to go to truck driving school and get the full Class A CDL. Next week I’m going to take the combination vehicle test to upgrade my permit to a class A then I’m off to school for the driving portion.
  12. I have been full time for almost two years now and my Military Retirement + disability is not quite enough to cover all that we need, so I’m looking into delivering motor homes for a little extra money. I am looking at driving for Horizon Transport, but they require at least a CDL Class B license. I didn’t think it would be any problem getting that license, so I started the process back in January. I had no problem getting the permit, but my issue is taking the driving test. In March I scheduled the driving test in El Paso and rented a Penske truck to use for the test. I got to the testing site with my truck and was told I could not take the test in the truck I rented because the GVWR WAS 25,999, and it had to be 26,000 or higher to use for the test. Even though they have the EXACT same truck with a little higher rating they would not let me take the test. My dilemma comes because I cannot rent a truck with a GVWR over 26,000 lbs because I don’t have a CDL. What I need is someone with a vehicle such as a diesel pusher or a diesel box truck with a GVWR over 26,000 lbs that wouldn’t mind letting me drive it for a road test when I can schedule it. I am from Jasper, Texas, which is not far from Lufkin the home of Escapees, but since I am full time I can go to any of the 25 places in Texas where the test can be administered to meet someone with a vehicle to test in. As far as scheduling the tests are one to two months out depending on where you go. I know this is a strange request, but I’m hoping someone can help me out in some way. I just extended my permit for another six months today, so I have a little more time to get this done. Thank you for any and all assistance!
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