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  1. We do plan on hanging some of my stuff, but a lot of it is larger and won't fit. I have a large picture that I took myself when I was in Russia and my dad made it into a canvass for me. It actually is over 3 canvasses and is the largest thing we have on our walls. I doubt it will fin on the RV walls, but it is my favorite. I will probably hang it up in the mobile home that my in laws are letting us use as our permanent residence/domicile. Some of the smaller stuff will definitely go in our RV, though.
  2. Thanks for all the information guy, I think we have figured it out.
  3. I think we have decided to go with a used one as kind of a starter RV. Once we save up a bit more money and have lived in an RV for a little while we will either start remodeling the one we bought or we will trade in for a new one. We have found a couple of used ones here to look at. I cannot find any with the floor plan that we love, but we have found some that have a second bedroom in the back instead of the middle. Dblr, I would love either of those RVs, they we exactly what we have been looking at. I will save those for when/if we decide to buy a new one. What is a good carrying capacity for full time living?
  4. My husband's work does provide insurance so that is not an issue for us. At my husband's work they have traveling workers and local workers. The traveling workers get paid extra, but you have to have a permanent address to show that you are not actually local to the job site. This cannot be a mail forwarding service, my husband checked because we were wanting to go with Texas after having it recommended by several people on here and other places. Idaho does have a state income tax, but they also give you credit for income tax you pay in the state you made the money, so that will reduce the tax. Honestly, most of the people who work with my husband live differently than we do. Most of them have a home and that is where their families live. They travel in the RVs and go back to visit their families when they can, or their families come to visit them. This might change things legally for them. Although we would also have an actual house. We would keep our stuff that we didn't need on a daily basis there, go there a few times a year, probably have our doctors there, and all that stuff.
  5. We are joining the RV Consumer Group as soon my husband gets paid tomorrow. I didn't realize they would specifically say which ones were good for full time living. We would like to buy used, but we are having trouble finding the specific layout we want in used. Even in new it seems like most of the ones that have a second bedroom have it in the back, but we want the kid's bedroom in the middle with a loft over it. That was actually why I was looking at those specific brands, because those are the ones that the RV dealership we went to has in the layout we want. What I would actually love to do is buy a cheap used one with the layout I want and completely renovate it the way I want. This may be a stupid question, but if we are wanting to fix it up anyways, how important is it to see the RV before we buy it? Like could I buy a used one from far away and pay to have it shipped here or would I need to actually fly out to look at it? We don't have a truck yet. We are planning to get one within the next 6 months and in the meantime we will probably only move once and will pay to have someone move our 5th wheel for us. We will make sure the truck we get matches whichever 5th wheel we get. We will probably be traveling all over. We travel for my husband's work, so we have very little control over where we go, when, and for how long. The sales person did say that there aren't really any RVs rated for below 0, is that true?
  6. My husband and I are going to start full time living in an RV with our two small children. We are trying to decide what kind of RV we want to get. We know we want a 5th wheel and have decided on the floor plan that we want, so now we are looking at specific RVs. Some of the ones that we have found that have the floor plan we want are the Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen, the Forest River Columbus Compass, the Forest River Wildcat, and the Coachmen Chaparral. Does anyone know if any of these are good for full timing?
  7. Joining the 2019 class and wow, now I feel a bit impulsive. So many people here have been planning this for years. My husband and I talked about living in an RV full time a couple of months ago and decided against it because I am not a minimalist. Actually, giving up my decorations is what I am having the hardest time with. Not all the other stuff, just all the pictures and art I have on the walls. Anyways, the reason we were considering living in an RV full time is because of my husband's job. We move frequently, at least once a year, usually more like every 6 months. It can be unpredictable as well. Sometimes they only give a couple of weeks notice of when you need to move. With our last move my husband got a week and a half notice. I actually had to stay behind with our 9 month old and 3 year old for 3 weeks trying to get the apartment packed and cleaned, then we had to pay considerable fines for breaking our lease early. We are looking at moving again in the next couple of months and my husband again brought up buying an RV and living in it. I think he was surprised when I actually jumped on board this time. As much as I love my pretty pictures everything else about living in an RV will be better. I love the idea of being able to settle into our home and not have to pack it all up again in a few months. Also, my husband and I are both excited about the idea of traveling more. Sometimes there can be a few weeks in between jobs for my husband, so we can go where ever we want in those times. My husband is also thinking about getting into something where he would only be at a job for a few weeks at a time, so we could travel even more. Anyways, we started talking about this again a couple of months ago. I became slightly obsessed with it and started spending all my free time on the computer researching it. Last Saturday we went and looked at some (after I had looked at more than a hundred online), and we decided that this is for sure what we want to do. We are in the process of getting financing sorted out and will buy the RV as soon as we get that sorted. We are wanting to do this a bit quickly because, while my husband thinks his work will be transferring him again in early June, there is always the possibility of him getting transferred earlier, and we would prefer to already be settled by the time that happens. It also helps that we are renting an apartment on a month to month basis since we didn't want to have to deal with breaking another lease. We are wanting to get a 40 foot 5th wheel. We have not chosen an exact one, but we know the floor plan we want, one with a small room in the middle for the kids, and we have found a few that we like. The dealership that we will probably buy from has an open house this Saturday, so we might go and try to narrow down exactly what we want. If financing comes through by then we might go ahead and buy something. I am really nervous, but also super excited to be starting this adventure!
  8. I think we will be able to find places close enough to my husband's work. He typically works outside of the city limits, and a lot of the people he works with also live in RVs, so it seems like his jobs are pretty close to RV parks. Right now he has 4 RV parks that he knows us within 10 minutes of his work. We also currently live an hour away from where he works because that is the closest we could find a decent apartment that allowed for a short term lease, so he is willing to commute some, but I think most of the time we will be able to find RV parks closer than we can find apartments. I definitely plan to homeschool the kids. I have actually always wanted to homeschool, even before I had kids. This is just another excuse, and honestly makes homeschooling even better because of all the things we can see, like you said. I do want to start blogging again. I used to, but then I stopped. I really love it, so maybe I will start a new blog.
  9. We are hoping to get an RV in the next couple of weeks and start living in it full time. Because of my husband's job we are often only in one place for like 6 months then we move, often to a completely different state. In the 4 1/2 years I have been married we have moved 7 times. I grew up moving because my dad does the same thing as my husband, and I love travelling and getting to see new places, but the packing, cleaning, finding a new place to live, unpacking, trying to get organized, then before I have even finished unpacking realizing that I have been taking too long and that I need to start packing again, is just getting old. So we are going to live in an RV. I did post in the beginning RVing forum for general advice, but I thought I would come here for more specific advice. Right now I am trying to figure out our domicile. I think we are wanting to do Idaho. We had talked about Texas, but with my husband's job we kind of need an actual physical address, not just a mail forwarding service. My husband's parents live in Idaho. They are in the process of buying a piece of land that has a house and a mobile home on it and are going to let us use the mobile home as our address. So I have two questions about this. First, has anyone ever used Idaho as their domicile? I know it has state income tax, but it will just work better for us, so we are willing to pay it. Second, if we are in a place state for 6 months would we get in trouble for not having our cars registered there and all that? It seems like we will be living somewhere longer than most other people who do full time RVing, so I am not sure if it will be the same.
  10. My parents own 80 acres of land that they are building a home on to retire to. A few of my other siblings are building homes on it as well and my parents have said we could make it so our RV can be on it if we want. For the tub I am wanting to eventually put in a tankless hot water heater. Until then when I was living at home on Sunday mornings when everyone was trying to shower and bathe my dad would boil water to use for the kids' baths so we could save the hot water for showers (he got the water the correct temperature before putting them in so they did not get burned when he dumped hot water in the tub). If I had to I could do that. Also, just for baths for my kids I do not fill up the tub much. We could try to find a more stable job, but we are actually leaning towards going with a job that will have us moving more. Some people in my husband's field are only in one place for a few weeks at a time. If we had an RV we could get into that and we both think that would be great. I grew up moving. By the time I left for college at 21 I had moved between states I think 23 times, but I am starting to lose count honestly. In conversations with my husband I will frequently say something like "There is this great restaurant in Denver called Casa Bonita and we are going to have to go there sometimes," "There is this great camp ground in Wyoming and we need to go there," "Did you know that in New Mexico there is a forest that only goes up to your knees? You guys need to see it at some point," "Some time we need to go to Ichetucknee Springs in Florida, it is so cold but really amazing to raft down it." Growing up I learned that every single place in the US was beautiful in its own way. I would love to share with my family some of those amazing places and be able to discover new places with them. My husband also says that he does not put down roots anywhere, that his only roots are his family, and that traveling the US with us full time sounds amazing to him. We don't really want to be moving less, we just want to be packing and unpacking less.
  11. Not posting our exact location is probably more just me being a little paranoid. I had an online stalker several years ago and it scared me so now I am a little more careful with putting personal information online. After having someone find me online the idea of having it happen again makes me really anxious. As far as the truck we are going to get that after we get the RV. We did do a little bit of research into trucks when we were deciding if we wanted a 5th wheel or just a trailer. I research stuff like towing capacity, diesel, truck bed length, dual rear wheels, and how much it might cost to get the kind of truck that we would need. I only did a little bit of research, though, just enough to decide that a 5th wheel was what we wanted and that we were ok getting the kind of truck we would need. We are also taking into account that we will soon have a truck payment when we are looking at how much we can afford on the RV. We are focusing on the RV right now though. I have also looked into paying people to move our RV for us and that is probably what we will do for the first little bit until we get a truck. We would want to get one within like 6 months of getting the RV, and we would probably only move once in that time frame, so that would work for us. The bedding doesn't bother me much. We can try to order something online, and if that doesn't work as a worst case scenario I do love to sew. I have found 5th wheel rentals that are similar to what we would want to buy, but it would be at least a thousand a week, and that is a huge chunk of money when we are still having to pay rent and planning on making a large purchase soon. We could do it, but it would make everything else tight. Buying a used one that we could trade in is a good idea. We could do like a 6 month trial run. The payments would also be a bit less so we could save up some more money. I am just so tired of all of the moving. In the 4 1/2 years my husband and I have been married we have moved 7 times. All the packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, getting new driver's license and license plates, changing our address with everything, and all of that stuff takes a toll after a while. I often start packing before I am even done unpacking. Last time we moved My husband was given a week and a half notice. I ended up staying by myself for 3 weeks with a 9 month old and a 3 year old pack and clean by myself. We also had to pay significant fees because we were getting out of our lease early because we moved sooner than we had been expecting. I know the RV will come with challenges and sacrifices, but I think it will be well worth it. I also remember a time when I was young when we crammed 6 kids into a small 3 bedroom trailer because that was all we could find (my dad did the same work as my husband, so I moved a lot growing up as well but it didn't bother me as much because I was not responsible for it). I actually loved it. The trailer was small, but it was on land so we were always outside. There were woods behind the trailer and a field in front and every day we went out and explored. It was amazing. I know it won't be the same in an RV park, but if we are at camp grounds with hiking trails, or the one we are thinking about moving to as soon as we get our RV has a lake with lots of space to play. I like the idea of my kids spending more time outside. And sometimes my husband has weeks in between jobs where he is not working. During those times we can just go where ever we want and be free.
  12. So the one that I posted on here is similar to ones that we looked at on Saturday but it is not the same one. I actually found one at a random dealer because I didn't want to post a link to the dealer near us and have our actual location on here. But when I started looking at the one I posted I realized that I like it more than any of the others that we looked at. I did a search and there is one for sale within half an hour of us that we can go look at! I talked to my mom about this and she thinks it is a great idea but recommends that we rent an RV for a few days first to see if we like it. Would that actually be helpful or would those couple of days be kind of like a honeymoon period where we wouldn't really see all the problems with it? Also, would it be helpful even if the one we are renting isn't exactly the same as the one we would be buying?
  13. This is similar to the ones we looked at, but I don't think it is the same brand. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2018-Forest-River-WILDWOOD-HERITAGE-GLEN-LTZ-370BL-5006155602 (am I allowed to paste images into my posts? If not I will remove it.) In the room the ceiling is shorter, and if you look in the hall it says there is a ladder. The ladder leads to a loft above the room that has a bed and a little bit of storage. We think this will work well for us because sometimes our 3 year old just needs to get away from the 1 year old and this would give him his own space where he could play with his cars and stuff. We would of course have to make it safe for him and our little girl and I would have to carefully supervise him going up and down the ladder until he was really good at it, but I think it would be good. This also comes with a tub.
  14. I'll talk to my husband about our domicile again. We live close enough to Texas that we could make an easy day trip to get driver's licenses and register our vehicles and all that stuff. I've also heard they have good homeschool laws. We get health insurance through my husband's job, so that is not an issue. All of our bills are online, and all but one comes out automatically, and that one won't be a problem once we move because it is our water bill. We do get some physical mail from places I thought were paperless, so I will go back and make sure we won't be getting mail from them. I think a custom RV is more than we have the money for right now. It would be nice, but I don't think it will be happening. I did send an email to space craft to make sure of this. I'm pretty handy and really enjoy projects, so I could do simple things, but I am also aware of the limits of my ability and would not try to do anything too difficult. If we needed to we would hire a professional. Also, the small lot we went to did not have any RVs that we liked with tubs, but the big one did, so we would probably just get one that already had a tub. The tub was what I mentioned to the sales person but there would be other things that I would want to do like painting. We just wanted to know if renovating really does drastically reduce the value so we could make an informed decision if we decide to do anything.
  15. Thanks for all the advice! The RV consumer group looks like it has a lot of information. As soon as my husband gets home I will talk to him about joining it. I will also look at those other sites you suggested that might be more geared towards families. I have also heard that there are places you can join that will give you discounts at RV parks. We have been to two different RV dealers, but one of them was huge. At the smaller one we looked through every 5th wheel they had. At the bigger one I think that would be pretty much impossible, but we looked through a lot in a few different brands. Going through the motions of our daily lives is a good idea. I made a list of things to consider in an RV, such as is there room on the counters to store my instapot since I use it almost every day, and would my kids have room in their space to hang clothes so their church clothes do not get wrinkles but they also do not have to take up the limited space in my closet. Going through the motions of our daily lives though would be a good idea. The huge dealership has an open house this weekend so maybe we will try that. I have looked into domiciles and we are thinking about doing Idaho. My in-laws live there so we could use their address. That is also where my husband and I met and lived the first year of our marriage, so we have ties to there. Plus my driver's license is actually still from there. Does anyone know about Idaho as a domicile? We don't know yet exactly what make of RV we want. When we went on Saturday we were just trying to figure out if we even thought we could live like this and trying to figure out what floor plan might work best for us. That was as far as we got before the kids got grumpy. The less stuff is definitely appealing. I never thought I would do this because I am not a minimalist. I like stuff and I like space. But I have decided that I am so tired of cleaning and caring for the stuff and space. I have so much trouble keeping it all up. I tend to be able to do one area well, but then when I try to go to other areas I fall behind in the original area. I think less space and stuff will definitely help. We most definitely need a bath tub. That is one of my must haves. I did consider putting in a tub is the place we got only had a shower, but the sales person said that any renovations we do, even if it is just something simple like putting in a tub, automatically lowers the value by like half. Is this true or is that just something that that particular dealership felt? We looked at some toy haulers. I liked them but my husband hated them. We also don't do fourwheeling or dirt biking or anything like that. I would love to custom design our place, but when you say it is not inexpensive how much do you mean? We do have a bit to spend, and my husband would rather have something that I love right off the bat rather than something that I would want to make changes to, but we do also need to keep the costs within reason.
  16. My husband and I have decided we want to get an RV and start living in it full time. Because of my husband's job we move every few months, so this would make things a lot easier than trying to find a place that does short term leases, moving in, getting everything unpacked and settled, then a couple of months later having to pack it all up again and frantically clean, then move to a new area and start all over again. We have decided to get a 5th wheel because I want it pretty much as big as I can get it. We have looked at several and have decided that the ones we like best of the ones that have a small second bedroom in the middle and a loft above the room. We have two children, a 3 year old little boy and a 1 year old little girl, so the little boy will sleep in the loft and the little girl will sleep in the room, with the fold down bed in the being turned into kind of a crib with railings. The room will be a play room for the kids. Does anyone have any advice? We're a little scared because this will be a huge lifestyle change, but we are also really excited.
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