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  1. I'm going with FL-Joe, just installed my TST System two days ago. After months of study and presentations from several reps, I chose the TST: Easy to-Read, monitors more tires than you can legally pull, color monitor, easy-to-program, no wires and no problem to install.
  2. Thanks for responding mptjelgin. I’ve been urged by other SKPs to try the forum for help. I’m surprised at such a prompt response Thank you I’m going to recheck those things, since you asked specifically, and report back. Assuming it’s a prime problem, what’s the procedure for reestablishing that pressure? Thanks, Larry
  3. First time to ask a Question: I have a water pump that seems to be constantly running. It used to respond normally: open a faucet, water pumped and you could hear the pump begin and then stop as it returns pressure to the tank. Now, I hear a constant low motor noise that ceases when pump switch is turned off. Common sense and my training tell me that water is going somewhere if the pump is running. BUT I CAN’T FIND A LEAK, or water damage anywhere. Any recommendations as to a reputable service center in San Diego Area? I’ve had a few deeply disappointing encounters with places that don’t seem to have qualified technicians able to do simple things requiring many returns to the shop, lost time and money and very poor results. South Coast RV and Camping World being the standouts for a “lowlights reel.”
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