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  1. I'm going with FL-Joe, just installed my TST System two days ago. After months of study and presentations from several reps, I chose the TST: Easy to-Read, monitors more tires than you can legally pull, color monitor, easy-to-program, no wires and no problem to install.
  2. Thanks for responding mptjelgin. I’ve been urged by other SKPs to try the forum for help. I’m surprised at such a prompt response Thank you I’m going to recheck those things, since you asked specifically, and report back. Assuming it’s a prime problem, what’s the procedure for reestablishing that pressure? Thanks, Larry
  3. First time to ask a Question: I have a water pump that seems to be constantly running. It used to respond normally: open a faucet, water pumped and you could hear the pump begin and then stop as it returns pressure to the tank. Now, I hear a constant low motor noise that ceases when pump switch is turned off. Common sense and my training tell me that water is going somewhere if the pump is running. BUT I CAN’T FIND A LEAK, or water damage anywhere. Any recommendations as to a reputable service center in San Diego Area? I’ve had a few deeply disappointing encounters wit
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