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  1. Thought I might provide an update for those who have been kind enough to provide me with some advice and guidance. It has been a long cold winter here with no end in sight. Took in the RV show in Winnipeg Manitoba this weekend and after not finding a new RV that meets our needs we have decided to follow the advice previously provided by Bags and get a new furnace. It will likely be pricey enough with installation as is the case with most RV stuff but it is after all a 14 year old furnace. Pretty sure that it will be less than the $35,000 that the new trailers were going for. My parents gave me their 2004 Salem 28FKSS four years ago when they weren't able to use it any longer. They had also had some furnace issues. I have something of a sentimental attachment to it and in general it meets our needs. Had the hot water tank replaced last year, put a new battery on it, replaced the bathroom fan, new set of kitchen taps and that has been about it. Have to say that I am pretty impressed with the quality of the information that was provided to me and I really do appreciate the willingness to share.
  2. The quality of the information that my questions has generated is amazing. I have a few updates on the issues that I have been having over the weekend. The furnace continued to work intermittently but then there was a change in what is going on. After one of the 30 second fan runs but not spark cycles I gave the furnace a couple of light taps with my hand to see if that changed anything. It did but not in a good way. Now when I turn the furnace on the fan runs, there is no ignition spark but the fan just keeps running. When I try to turn it off at the themostat it just keeps running. I ended up having to pull the 15 amp fuse to shut it down. Didn't try disconnecting the wires at the themostat which I probably should have just to take the themostat out of the loop as the source of the problem. It was 2 Celsius on Sunday morning with a vicious north wind and it was "shut down weekend" for us. We may indeed be at the point of getting a new furnace but have some time to make that decision. I am going to pass along all of the suggestions that have been made on this forum to the company that we have been using to work on our RV. I tested the voltage from the converter and it was OK. The hot water tank fires just fine even with a stove burner going so I think that the regulator is providing sufficient pressure. I switched propane tanks just to make sure that wasn't a factor. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with their time and expertise.
  3. Looking for help and advice with a Suburban SF25 furnace. Problem is intermittent which is the worst kind. The furnace will run for about 20 seconds, there is no ignition spark and then shut down. Sometimes it works just fine, others not. No particular pattern. I suspect it is the sail switch and/or control board so thinking about replacing both. I have found a tune up kit on line but there are 2 versions. The first (Kit #1) has the old style burner access gasket which makes kit #1 applicable to the SF-25F between serial numbers 934701426 and 094101431, the second (Kit #2) has the new style burner access gasket which is applicable to the SF-25F above serial number 094101431. I suspect that I need the older model because the furnace is in a 2004 trailer. To get at the plate where the serial number is would require removing the furnace and my RV is permanently parked at a seasonal site at Tomahawk Resort in Sioux Narrows Ontario (a place that I would highly recommend) so taking it in to a repair shop isn't really an option. I do have a qualified repair person who will do on site work but that can get pricey too. Airxcel, the parent company for Suburban, has yet to reply to any of my previous questions so I have pretty much given up on them. Any insights as to what kit I need, who I might contact to determine which kit or any other ideas about my problem woud be greatly appreciated.
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