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  1. OP here. Thanks for all the responses. Since I asked this question, I've upgraded to the Predator 3500. As a solution to my use, based on a lot of these comments, I plan to run it in front of the hitch, under the trifold cover. I've got a 10' length of high temp silicone hose which will allow me slide the cover slightly forward, connect to the exhaust, and run the exhaust over the bedside all the way to the ground away from the trailer. I've run it this way and found that temps are not getting over 200* at the exhaust or anywhere along the tubing. I think this should work well. Any flaws in my thinking?
  2. DesertMiner, to run the ac in most circumstances.
  3. For those of you towing fifth wheels, especially during overnight stops, do you run your genny in the truck bed while remaining hooked? I'm planning on storing them in the front of the truck bed, and running them from there when necessary, but have concerns about CO emissions. Anyone do it, and what, if any, precautions do you take? Thanks for any responses.
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