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  1. Thanks Linda. Both my wife and I grew up in West Texas and met and married in Lubbock. I am very familiar with Van Horn. Use to hunt close to there when I was a kid. Still a country boy at heart I guess, these cities scare me with all the different little agendas generating all at once. But we survive Austin for 3 years, having to drive 1.5 hours each way to work for the first 12 months of it. After starting this post, I found a post written by David and Chryl that covered 99% of questions I had. Their answers removed 99% of my anxiety, so thanks for all of you for your help and David & Cheryl for their hard work. Happy Travel. Maybe we will see you on the road or at some Escapee function some day soon, but we can't go until I pass the dang test.
  2. Thanks for the good advice. I have, I will, and I do. I am studying Sections 2, 5, 6 and 14 for this particular test. In addition, I am reading the entire manual and have taken all the practice CDL tests online. I want every advantage I can get and don't want to waste my time if I accidentally mess us and fail the test. And yes, failing won't be the end of life or a necessary waste, but I want to be rewarded for my hard work. Driving one of these big boys is an awesome responsibility, one in which I take very seriously. I use to pull John Deere tractors and 15' bat-wing mowers attached on a flat bed goose neck trailer with a 1 ton dually for commercial work, and I drove school buses when I was young, so I have had some experience with bigger vehicles but nothing exactly like this. I have driven this unit in states that don't require a special license to drive these and have about 800-900 miles worth of driving time. And I spend a lot of time learning to back it on my storage center parking lot. Having had long trailers and big boats, backing is similar and I am a good backer, but practicing never hurts. Believe it or not, all of this I have just written to you is true. So, here is hoping, Georgia-Hybrid, we don't accidentally meet in a bar ditch some day. I will do my best if you do yours. Thanks again for the comments. ALL help is appreciated.
  3. Getting ready to take both my written and skills test for a Class A Exempt (non-CDL) Texas license. Other than the Texas driving handbook, can anyone recommend a site that will help me with the test questions? And, since I have a big rig in the form of a fifth wheel that I pull with a semi truck, what kind of skills in Texas will they expect me to demonstrate? For instance, will there be an air test I have to perform? I just now found David & Cheryl's post on the subject that was posted in this forum in 2016. It has been updated. Excellent post answering most of my questions that I have requested here. Specifically, there are still a couple of concerns my wife and I have about the skills test. Does anyone out there have any dealings with the Waco test site. We live in Waco, and we are apprehensive about testing in the city. Also, David and Cheryl recommended that we study the section in the handbook on air brakes, but did not mention whether or not we might be asked to perform an air test. We are driving a mid sized Freightliner with air ride suspension and brakes. Being newbies, any help would be appreciated.
  4. thanks, sandsys, good wisdom. That is what we are thinking too. We try not to allow the negatives we hear to sway us too far, but yet, we try to be prudent. If we go into the agreement, which we are currently planning to do, we will go into it with the attitude we will make the best of it.
  5. One other problem I am hearing on the net. With the new owners (2008 I believe), I understand that they are allowing full timers to take up the spots along with day campers. Don't know whether or not that is true, but if so, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having a membership to begin with?
  6. thanks for the responses. In and out today, so please bare with me. The membership is a Platinum plus, with 120 day window. For our purpose, we only plan to travel a lot for 3 years, and TT has the resorts in three of the four areas we plan to spend some time. If they charge resort fees, what is the purpose of having a membership? We have read a lot of complaints in reviews on the net but considering the numbers vs the total membership, many may or may not have legitimacy. Too, their is the class action lawsuit that was successfully brought against one of the former or current owners of TT and ended in a $4 m plus settlement, according to news sources. On the other hand, I see many current updates to some of their parks. Theoretically, the platinum plus gives us entry into every park in the system and no days waiting to move to the next one, and on top of that, we are suppose to be able to stay 21 days. We have already sent in our declaration to transfer, but we were advised by one of the CSRs to wait on their transfer docs when the contract says different. So, I hope to do both.
  7. Thanks Al for your input. Just learning this forum, so slow to respond. The couple is helping us, but over the phone to the TT representative, what they have said so far and what they do doesn't seem to be consistent. Time will tell I suppose.
  8. My wife and I recently bought a big rig from a couple which also included a membership into Thousand Trails as part of the package deal. We are currently experiencing difficulty transferring the membership, and we wonder if it is worth the effort. We would appreciate hearing about any experiences you seasoned travelers have had concerning this resort in particular and any other rv resorts you may have had experiences. It is a big investment, and while we have read other review sites on Thousand Trails, we are not sure we trust all the information on those sites, probably from our lacking very little rv experience. We find it hard to separate legitimate from illegitimate complaints in those forums. We look forward to a long association with the Escapees RV Club and hope to meet many members. If you think you can help us, please jump in and comment. We will value any input.
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