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  1. My travel trailer came with a WFCO 8930 charger in August, which I promptly removed and replaced with a Victron Multiplus. This is just the "core" with the electronics, not the breaker panel assembly.
  2. If you're comfortable with DIY, you can get a Raspberry Pi Zero W and hook a DS18B20 temperature sensor to it. I haven't set up alerts yet, but I have a little script that polls the temperature sensor every minute and submits the data to Amazon Cloudwatch, which then feeds a free Grafana dashboard. Not exactly plug'n'play (some soldering and scripting involved), but minimal power draw (<1W), about $45 total, and pretty flexible. I'll probably swap out the temp sensor for a combined temp+humidity sensor, or maybe just add it on so one watches the battery temperatures or something.
  3. I generally try to look at truck stops via Google Maps ahead of time. About a third of them seem to have a large gravel overflow lot out back that almost never fills up. Some of them also have some dedicated RV spots.
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