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  1. Rickl

    Tires for towing

    My suggestion, especially when it comes to medium commercial truck tires is if you are experiencing a wobble and have had the balance rechecked, the suspension looked at, then I would have to tire deflated knocked off the beads rotated 90 degrees, beads re-lubed with the correct mounting lube per the manufacture recommendation and then re-aired correctly. ( airing commercial tires is a 3 step airing process. Yes you won’t find many that do it, much less less know about it. If someone questions you then ask them if they have an automatic airing station. If they do then they SHOULD know and realize it has a 3 step process) As to the correct lube, many lubes are petroleum based and some are vegetable based. A few years back when Bridgestone introduced a new steer tire we had shops still using petroleum based mounting lube. One of the product engineers asked what we were using as we had a number of “warranty” claims due to irregular wear or drivability issues. Sure enough we started using the correct lube and the correct airing method and the issues went way down. Just a heads up is all.
  2. Rickl

    Tires for towing

    I’ll weigh in here, going to an aggressive off road type tire is dependent on what tour trying to accomplish. If you need that traction once you get to your location for play or just getting off road then they will work. But for the most part something with open shoulder slots will suffice for most applications. To clear up any myths, when dealing with most major tire manufacturers the carcass of a highway or DOT approved off road tire will be the same. The difference is the cap that is installed/molded at the factory. The reason a highway tread (think less aggressive, straight style tread) feels more stable then an aggressive off road style is the tread blocks. The larger the blocks, the more tread squirm you will notice, especially with added weight. The squirt has NOTHING to do with the carcass, but rather the vehicle riding on the tread blocks. Everything being the same, load range, compounding, size, weight carried, you will notice little difference in tire wear in terms of miles if all you do is drive straight down the highway. What causes the aggressive tread design tires to wear faster is turning. i.e. in town city driving. The aggressive tread block will wear faster as they “snap” during the twisting while turning. That is why you see heel to toe wear on steer axles but not drive axles. My suggestion is to get a highway/all season tread design for the 90% of your driving needs, unless you spend most of your existence off road. Off soap box!
  3. Rickl

    Ford F650/F750

    Not to sure about NY and TN, but in OK and SD if you rig is a recreational vehicle you are NOT subject to the 26,000 lb rule you are concerned about. When discussing this with the respective states make absolutely sure they understand you are towing a RV. I ran into this once I inquired in OK as the DMV went on a 20 minute spiel on weights and regulations. I then reiterated I was full timing pulling my 5th wheel RV at which point he said, oops, all I stated doesn’t apply to your situation. There are no restrictions for RV’s in OK.
  4. Rickl

    Prescriptions while on the road.

    Just went on Humana/WalMart but needed to refill at a local pharmacy in Moab. The price for a 90 day supply as opposed to using Humana was the same as the mail order. Go figure!
  5. Global warming? Really? How about business drops off to the point it doesn’t make economic sense to operate at a 30% or so occupancy rate. Couple that with needing time to winterize their parks as the weather drops. At least that’s my take Mr Gore!
  6. Rickl

    Swagman Bike Rack for sale

    Still available?
  7. Bottom line is that data providers are no different then drug dealers. We are well into being required to need data to perform many necessary functions. They (data providers) have figured out how to attach themselves to our pocket books. Just like the cable providers eventually there will be technology coming to move us to another medium, albeit at a higher cost of course. For those that argue this is a choice, good luck with that argument.
  8. Rickl

    Tire air pressure

    Knowing your weights and having a load and inflation table go a long way in determining your ideal tire pressure. Setting the tires to the correct pressure will provide you with the best ride, your best tire footprint, and braking/handling.