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  1. Hugh Currin

    Topic in Travel Log

    Why would I not be able to open a new topic in Travel Logs? I could start this topic in About the Discussion Forums, as you are reading. However, there is no net topic button on Travel Logs. Also the Travel Log item under "Create" is grayed out, can't be selected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks you Hugh
  2. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    All's good for far. We closed on our house June 18. Quick trip to Canada for a trailer frame recall, back to Oregon to pick up a canopy for our new pickup, then to South Dakota. We're setting up domicile. I changed addresses on all our accounts. For the most part this was no more than an online address change, and new checks. Only one asked for an address beyond our PMB. That was Capitol One for a credit card. The others (Vanguard, Discover, Visa, US Bank, Umpqua Bank) had no problem. Just wanted to report back on the thread I started. Life is good. Thanks. Hugh
  3. Hugh Currin

    Class of 2018

    Well, we made the jump. Moved into our trailer June 6 so the estate sale could be set up in our house. That happened June 8-9. We had signed on the house before this and closed June 18. It was very busy for the months before, and very busy now. We made a quick trip to Canada for a trailer frame recall, back to Oregon to pick up a canopy for our new pickup, then off to Rapid City, SD. We're now if Box Elder setting up domicile, etc. Online journal coming soon. Thanks. Hugh
  4. Smitty: Have you considered selling the house and carrying the loan yourself? That would spread the capitol gains out over a number of years. Hugh
  5. Hugh Currin

    Now to buy a gun

    I'd still suggest the OP obtain a CCW. I think it's a question if you can carry a fire arm in ones motor home. When parked it's your home, but on the road? Also where in the MH? How about in the tow vehicle and a fifth wheel? Having a valid CCW eases the question if it comes up. One can also keep the fire arm out of sight in a vehicle, or in a pack while heading for a hike. The minimal training needed for a CCW is useful, maybe not adequate but better than nothing. Also, the rules vary state to state. Obtain California is particularly strict. Be aware as you travel state to state. Thanks. Hugh
  6. Hugh Currin

    Have You Named Your RV?

    We had a trailer named Shasta. But it was a restored 1955 15' Shasta. Hugh
  7. Hugh Currin

    Have You Named Your RV?

    We have an Escape 19 (19' fiberglass trailer) named "Dora", after Dora the Explorer. Lots of owners name their Escape, other names include "Escape Pod", "Past Tents", " SUNBIRDS EGSK8P ", "Suite Escape", "Grape Escape", "Peanut". I particularly like "Past Tents". Hugh
  8. Hugh Currin

    Jurry Summons

    The affidavit asks: Is South Dakota your state of residence? Is South Dakota the state you intend to return to after being absent? I though these were both required to set up domicile within a state. Did you answer both questions YES? If so I don't see how it helps with jury duty. If you answered NO, I'm surprised they would issue drivers licenses. I'm missing something here. Hopefully you can set me straight. Thanks. Hugh
  9. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    Thank you all for your replies. Didn't hear a definitive answer about using an address outside ones domicile state. However, I think we've found a solution for us. We remembered some old friends who have a residence in South Dakota. We contacted them and got the OK to use their address. I just sent paperwork to Americas Mailbox to set up a PMB. We'll use the PMB for as much as we can, and certainly for all mail. But we now have a backup brick and mortar address if required. I told our friends the only need for a brick and mortar address is, if we are caught laundering money, a place to send the swat team. They were fine with that so we're set. I'll report back as we progress, particularly if we run into problems. Thanks again. Hugh
  10. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    The banks and investments only need to be moved because the SD address will be the only one we have. Although we get very little paper mail from them that important note comes via USPS. If they will take a relatives address, and not confuse it with our domicile address, we'd be fine with that. I'll give Escapees a call when we get closer. Thank you. Hugh
  11. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    Thank you all for the responses. It sounds like most have had no problem which is great to hear. I'm likely worrying for no reason. Won't know for sure till we change addresses, but signs are good. Thank you again. Hugh
  12. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    We're planning to go full time as soon as we sell our house this spring. The thought is to domicile in South Dakota for all the known reasons. The plan is to obtain a PMB (personal mail box, likely Americas Mailbox) in SD. Then obtain drivers licenses, vehicle registration, etc. there. Move everything we can to SD. Thinking though this move the one sticking point is financial institutions. Financial institutions require a physical address. I think they all do now, or are in the process of requiring it. So, it's been suggested we use a friend or relatives address. We know no-one in SD that we could use. Do have a niece in Wisconsin which would work well. However, I'm concerned that giving them a Wisconsin address, even with a SD mailing address, may trigger income tax liability in Wisconsin. The big chunk is in Vanguard who do require a physical address. Has anyone come up against this problem, domicile in SD but stating physical address to financial institutions in another state? Second option is to buy a house in Prescott Arizona, where we plan to land in 1 or 2 or 10 years, and rent it till we're ready for it. Have to pay taxes on the rental in AZ. But could we use this address for finances? Same trouble though, could there be tax liabilities in AZ by stating that rented house as our physical address? Anyone have experience domiciling on state A, but giving an address to financial institutions from state B? Just trying to think though be problems before they smack me in the face. Thanks for any help. Hugh
  13. Hugh Currin

    Class of 2018

    OK, we're in. It all started a year and a half ago, or so. We decided our house had too many floors and too much landscaping. We decided to sell and get a single story for our retirement. We are retired now so I guess for the rest of our retirement. Looked around our town and couldn't find anything that fit, and no lots we liked enough to build on. SO, we started looking further afield finally deciding on Prescott AZ. We've spent March and April the last 3-4 years in Arizona, all over Arizona, and like it. Well, we reasoned, if we're going to sell most of our stuff and move 1000 miles let's take a year, or two, or five, or more and full time in our trailer. Sounded good and still does. We're now wintering in Brenda, AZ (outside Quartzsite). When we go "home" in early April we'll put the house up for sale, pack away what we need to and hit the road. We'll likely spend some time (summer/fall) in Prescott looking for a house we like. If we find one we'll buy it, then turn around and rent it until we need it. I think it better to have the $ in a house we'll eventually use than in investments. Investments are getting more and more scary. We have a 19' Escape-19 fiberglass trailer. Our tow vehicle is a Nissan XTerra. Probably try this then decide if we need a pickup for more storage on the road. So might change the TV but the Escape will be permanent. It allows us to easily get into National Forest and BLM camps a larger rig wouldn't. If we buy in Arizona we'll domicile there, if not likely South Dakota. Just starting to work though the details and timing of all that. What's everyone else doing for domicile? Any other "class of 2018" alumni near Quartzsite this winter? It's going to get real crazy for us starting April. You all have a good year. Hugh & Denise