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  1. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    John: Thanks, that explains a lot. We'll go by and take a look this winter. It sounds like one could reserve a space for the season? May have to contact them in October or November. Looks like a nice location within Yuma. Thanks. Hugh
  2. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    Kirk: Thanks. I was looking for a seasonal price, but John explained it. Does sound like $300/mo and in line with others. Thanks. Hugh
  3. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    Thanks. It would be nice to be outside Yuma a few miles. We do like to go wandering in the desert with the dogs and this should allow easy access. The location looks very nice. Not an expansive website but the prices looks reasonable at around $300/mo. I didn't see a spa in the pictures or description, we'd really like that. Also the roads looked to be gravel in the pictures, is this true? Another one to look at in person. Thank you.
  4. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    John: I'll add it to the list. The website says about half park models which seems high, but could be OK. I see weekly rates but no seasonal, might be so but I didn't see it in a quick search. Also, they say first come first serve so we couldn't reserve a site ahead of time. Finally, the incorporation sounds more like an HOA than a RV Park. Could be good or bad? Have you stayed there? Thanks.
  5. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    Not a good option, particularly for fruits and vegetables. The Quatrzsite PO is a disaster zone. I haven't used it for General Delivery but for day to day use it's a pain. I've heard it's better to send packages to Blythe. We have had good luck having packages sent to our RV site via UPS. His has worked very well. Thanks.
  6. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    Thanks for the response. Good to know it can get noisy on the north side. One concern for the high-end parks is that many won't take us, we're too small at 19' with no slides. We visited some friends at , I think The Palms, and they wouldn't let us stay. I'm hoping to thin the list from 70+ down to maybe 15 to go look at. Then, as you suggest, come down for a week or so to see them in person. A lot rental could work, but no hot tub or restroom facilities (we're self contained but a larger bathroom is nice). Thanks for the help. If I come up with more specific questions I'll get in contact.
  7. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    Denise (wife) has some peculiar dietary requirements (organic, gluten, etc). Give that the stores in Q and Blythe are minimal. It's a longer trip to Parker and the shopping is only slightly better. Parker is about an hour. Havasu is an hour and a half, but better shopping in Buckeye also at an hour and a half. Small trailer and small refrigerator, so we need to shop once a week. Buckeye is a long ways once a week. So we started thinking about Yuma. Thanks.
  8. Hugh Currin

    Park in Yuma ?

    We stayed last winter at Desert Gold in Brenda, AZ. We also have reservations there for this winter. It's some 15 miles east of Quartzsite. Very nice park, pool and hot tub, paved roads, activities, and inexpensive. We have a small 19' trailer and pickup. We also set up a 12'x12' sun canopy with walls for hobbies. We feel safe leaving "stuff" in the "tent" at Desert Gold when out exploring. These are the important elements we like, although we seldom use the activities provided. This park is great. The major downside is food shopping. Shopping is marginal in Quartzsite and only a little better in Blyth. We see that Yuma has a Sprouts which we've found to be a great grocery/organic food store. SO, we'd like to look at some Parks in or around Yuma. There are a lot! If we can identify a few candidates we plan to visit them early this winter and see how they strike us. We'd like to hear from all you about candidate Parks. Thanks in advance. PS. We're now in Fort Collins and heading west tomorrow. Internet is hit and miss where we tend to stay. We'll check in as we can, but may be hit and miss. Thanks.
  9. Hugh Currin

    New Fulltime Journal

    We sold our house and started fulltime travel in June 2018. Come along for the ride if you have the interest and the time. www.currin.us/Escaped-Doodles Thanks. Hugh
  10. Hugh Currin

    Trailer w/o Slides

    We're fulltime in a 19' Escape Trailer. It is very light, some 2500lb empty. Don't know what it is loaded but quite a bit heavier. We really like the Escape Trailers, I think they are very well built for a travel trailer. They are single wall fiberglass. The only insulation is some 1/2" vinyl covered foam. They also build a 21', but we like the layout of the 19' better. Great for 3 season camping, or chasing the weather which is out choice. Bigfoot is also a nice fiberglass trailer. They are double wall giving them much better insulation and quite a bit more weight. Also nice trailers but I've never owned one. There's also Scamp and Casita for fiberglass. We like fiberglass. Both, I believe are single wall. There's an Oliver double wall fiberglass trailer, very expensive. All these are trailers without slides. Let us know what you pick. Thanks. Hugh
  11. Hugh Currin

    Topic in Travel Log

    Why would I not be able to open a new topic in Travel Logs? I could start this topic in About the Discussion Forums, as you are reading. However, there is no net topic button on Travel Logs. Also the Travel Log item under "Create" is grayed out, can't be selected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks you Hugh
  12. Hugh Currin

    Domicile/Tax Question

    All's good for far. We closed on our house June 18. Quick trip to Canada for a trailer frame recall, back to Oregon to pick up a canopy for our new pickup, then to South Dakota. We're setting up domicile. I changed addresses on all our accounts. For the most part this was no more than an online address change, and new checks. Only one asked for an address beyond our PMB. That was Capitol One for a credit card. The others (Vanguard, Discover, Visa, US Bank, Umpqua Bank) had no problem. Just wanted to report back on the thread I started. Life is good. Thanks. Hugh
  13. Hugh Currin

    Class of 2018

    Well, we made the jump. Moved into our trailer June 6 so the estate sale could be set up in our house. That happened June 8-9. We had signed on the house before this and closed June 18. It was very busy for the months before, and very busy now. We made a quick trip to Canada for a trailer frame recall, back to Oregon to pick up a canopy for our new pickup, then off to Rapid City, SD. We're now if Box Elder setting up domicile, etc. Online journal coming soon. Thanks. Hugh
  14. Smitty: Have you considered selling the house and carrying the loan yourself? That would spread the capitol gains out over a number of years. Hugh
  15. Hugh Currin

    Now to buy a gun

    I'd still suggest the OP obtain a CCW. I think it's a question if you can carry a fire arm in ones motor home. When parked it's your home, but on the road? Also where in the MH? How about in the tow vehicle and a fifth wheel? Having a valid CCW eases the question if it comes up. One can also keep the fire arm out of sight in a vehicle, or in a pack while heading for a hike. The minimal training needed for a CCW is useful, maybe not adequate but better than nothing. Also, the rules vary state to state. Obtain California is particularly strict. Be aware as you travel state to state. Thanks. Hugh