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  1. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    Thanks Wade! That is indeed a great trip, we actually did it back in April:
  2. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Boondocking at 10,000 Feet

    Before heading out on our fulltime RV adventures, we wanted to return to one of our favorite spots close to home for one last camping excursion over the Memorial Day weekend. Located just to the southeast of the 2002 Winter Olympic venue of Park City, Utah, and 75 minutes from Salt Lake City, the Heber Mountain area of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest offers over 100,000 acres of prime RV boondocking at elevations of up to 10,000 feet.
  3. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Utah West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express Trail

    Very cool tale! I don't imagine that places like Ibapah looked any different in the 70s than they do today. The Deep Creek Mountains that rise to nearly 12,000 feet do so on the doorstep of Ibapah, and they've been on my radar for many years now. I'm looking forward to meeting someday. If it's this summer, though, you'll likely be catching up with us somewhere other than Utah. My career has been lacking as of late, and three days ago I walked into the office and submitted my resignation. My wife, the dogs and I are going to wander around the western U.S. with the RV for a few months while I figure out what I want to be when I finally grow up. We're looking to hit the road in early June, and we'll be uploading frequent videos from our route -- wherever that may be.
  4. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Rockport State Park, Utah

    Thank you! Indeed, it's easy to spend some time here. We're getting ready to hit the road for a while. Parts still unknown at this point, but we're going to take the opportunity to get out of Utah only because we can do Utah anytime.
  5. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Rockport State Park, Utah

    We really wanted to get out into nature to camp this past weekend, but the weather forecasters weren’t on our side. Here in the second driest state in the nation, they were calling for at least a half inch of rainfall with over 90 percent probability. Add in brisk winds and high temperatures in the 50s, and it simply didn’t seem like an inviting spring weekend to camp. I reluctantly resigned myself to staying home and getting chores done around the house. Hearing about other fellow Utahans firing up their motorhomes and hitching up their travel trailers anyway, however, was enough to convince us to bite the bullet and risk it all. I mean, why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen? We fell asleep on Friday night to the relaxing sound of a gentle rain pinging the trailer roof. Thunderstorms rolled through on Saturday and the winds accelerated as we huddled cozy and dry inside the camper, gazing outside in awe of the power of nature. But skies cleared overhead on Saturday night as the center of low pressure retrograded westward across Nevada, and it was not to journey back eastward until Sunday afternoon as we were breaking camp. We witnessed a beautiful sunset across the lake, and we were able to bundle up and lounge around a blazing campfire on Saturday night. Sunday morning dawned brisk but sunny and incredibly still. Rain water inside our kayak had actually frozen overnight! Birds sang from the fir and juniper trees scattered around our campsite. The lake outside our RV’s front door was like a mirror. Folks, that’s a win!
  6. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    Thanks Al!! I appreciate the firsthand beta, and will definitely look into your suggestions. By day 3, my ADD usually kicks in and I'm ready to roll on. I'm thinking (seldom) 1 or (usually) 2 nights at each stop. I don't like those quick one-nighters, as you feel like you're always picking up and moving on, without any opportunity to explore. Two nights per stop is typically perfect for me. That gives me a full day to explore with a drive day on either side. Unlike full-timers, I only get a few full weeks per year off of work such that I prefer getting as far away from our usual camping zone as I can. Now, admittedly I haven't planned this out on paper yet, it's mostly just rolling around in my head thus far. With 9 days/9 nights I think I'll have enough for the full round-trip, but if I don't I'll just shorten the loop as necessary. There are enough north-south roads connecting US-50 and the I-80 corridor that I can do so.
  7. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    Good link, Linda! However, I read that article a little differently. US -40's western terminus was originally in San Francisco. Today it's replaced by I-80 west of Silver Summit (Park City) "resulting in the route being truncated multiple times." Fun read!
  8. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    Thanks Jim, but shoot - I'm not even seeing US-40 on a map of Nevada. I-80 goes through Winnemucca - did I-80 replace US-40?
  9. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    I'm thinking about plans and seeking recommendations for the week of Memorial Day, trying to avoid crowds and have an adventure with plenty to see (and film) along the way. Right now, what's coming to mind is a loop across northern Nevada to avoid people before it gets too hot to do so later in the summer. Like generally out across US 50 from SLC to Reno, then back via a more northerly route (generally I-80 looks to be the option, with local side trips). Thoughts? Typical weather? Recommended boondocking sites? Sights not to be missed? Throw it at me!
  10. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Utah West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express Trail

    Still on my list, despite your attempt to convince me otherwise.
  11. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Utah West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express Trail

    What a great reply! Thanks, NDBirdman! Ironically, I've never seen the Dakotas but would love to.
  12. I headed out to explore Utah's West Desert this past weekend with my buddy Bob, and aside from a flat tire (!) we couldn't have been more pleased with the weekend. The West Desert comprises a lonely series of mountain ranges and extraordinarily flat valleys, stretching from the Wasatch Front to the Nevada border. It's home to such curiosities as the original Pony Express route, a herd of wild horses, and the military's Utah Test & Training Range. We found and filmed the herd, explored a preserved Pony Express station at Simpson Springs, and checked out the Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge. There's no shortage of camping opportunities out there on BLM land. We found a cozy spot nestled among the junipers at the foot of the Sheeprock Mountains. For those insisting upon a marked site, there's a small primitive BLM campground at Simpson Springs that offers pit toilets, water, fire rings and picnic tables. Here's our video from the weekend:
  13. Grand Adventure

    Video: prime boondocking near Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah

    It's one of our favorite regular spots.