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  1. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Lava Hot Springs, ID

    Located in southeastern Idaho, Lava Hot Springs is a destination popular with Utahans thanks to its natural mineral hot pools right in the center of town. At the end of September we discovered and stayed at the wonderful brand new Lava Campground, which is only a half mile from the hot pools. We got a chance to explore this lovely little tourist town, population only 400, and go for a nightly soak in the springs.What made Lava Campground special for us is that it's right on the property of its owners, a delightful young couple who converted part of their ranch's alfalfa fields into a defacto campground complete with water and electric hookups, plus we were the only guests in the entire campground. It's like staying on someone's Back 40, which we literally did.
  2. Rugged, dramatic spires may well make the Tetons the most visually stunning mountain range in all of North America. Camp for free with us on Shadow Mountain, a.k.a. Upper Teton View for boondocking with the Tetons as our amazing backdrop, as we visit Grand Teton National Park for some kayaking and hiking, and tour the town of Jackson, Wyoming and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. On our way across Wyoming we also overnight at the Wind River Hotel & Casino in Riverton, Wyo.:
  3. Join us at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific tonight for another video premiere party! Chat with us and fellow viewers as we all watch Episode 71 of Grand Adventure simultaneously! Click the video below to set a YouTube reminder for show time (or watch the video after the premiere). Summer of 2018 was the Summer of the Wildfires across the American West. In Episode 71 we head for Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where we camp on the top of a mountain at over 10,000 feet. But after soaking at Strawberry Park Hot Springs, a nearby wildfire that had up to that point been a fascinating curiosity suddenly becomes a threat, and we hurriedly escape to Laramie, Wyoming, where we tour the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site that once housed legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy.
  4. Grand Adventure

    Perfect camping coffee

  5. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Million Dollar Highway, CO

    There's a lot of talk here, and elsewhere on other RV forums, about the advisability of driving US-550 (a.k.a. the Million Dollar Highway) through Colorado's San Juan Mountains in an RV. I figured that I'd give you a video glimpse of the road so that you can make these decisions for yourself. Travel it with us from end to end, from Durango to Ouray. We'll camp in the historic town of Silverton and check our its famed steam railway, take a 4x4 trip across Engineer Pass to Lake City that makes the Million Dollar Highway seem like a Sunday drive, and learn about Silverton's rich mining heritage at the fabulous San Juan County Historical Society Museum:
  6. Grand Adventure

    No reply button?

    Sonofagun, so it is...looks like a mod must've moved it there after the first reply. Thanks!
  7. Grand Adventure

    No reply button?

    Yet, a) it's not in Travel Logs (although it arguably should have been), and b) markandkim replied earlier today.
  8. Grand Adventure

    No reply button?

    I'm stumped, but this topic seems to be missing the green reply button: Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.
  9. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Mesa Verde National Park, CO

    It's been a while since I posted one of our video TRs here, but Mesa Verde is such a special place that I feel compelled to do so. We found stellar boondocking on USFS land for just about any size rig on Madden Peak Road in Mancos, just 15 minutes from the main entrance to Mesa Verde. For those who may be unaware, Mesa Verde is a collection of ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings and we tour Cliff Palace, the largest cliff dwelling in North America that dates back to 1190 AD. The craftsmanship that these people exhibited in building these small villages is nothing short of remarkable, and it's a testament to that craftsmanship that these residences are largely still standing over 800 years later. If you do visit Mesa Verde, by all means sign up for one of the tours. That way you get to view the dwellings up close, rather than just from a distance from the canyon rim. You also gain fascinating insight from the explanations the ranger gives during your one-hour tour. OK, without further ado here's the video:
  10. Grand Adventure

    Video: prime boondocking near Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah

    Happy to have helped!
  11. Grand Adventure

    Seeking recommendations - northern Nevada

    Thanks Wade! That is indeed a great trip, we actually did it back in April:
  12. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Boondocking at 10,000 Feet

    Before heading out on our fulltime RV adventures, we wanted to return to one of our favorite spots close to home for one last camping excursion over the Memorial Day weekend. Located just to the southeast of the 2002 Winter Olympic venue of Park City, Utah, and 75 minutes from Salt Lake City, the Heber Mountain area of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest offers over 100,000 acres of prime RV boondocking at elevations of up to 10,000 feet.
  13. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Utah West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express Trail

    Very cool tale! I don't imagine that places like Ibapah looked any different in the 70s than they do today. The Deep Creek Mountains that rise to nearly 12,000 feet do so on the doorstep of Ibapah, and they've been on my radar for many years now. I'm looking forward to meeting someday. If it's this summer, though, you'll likely be catching up with us somewhere other than Utah. My career has been lacking as of late, and three days ago I walked into the office and submitted my resignation. My wife, the dogs and I are going to wander around the western U.S. with the RV for a few months while I figure out what I want to be when I finally grow up. We're looking to hit the road in early June, and we'll be uploading frequent videos from our route -- wherever that may be.
  14. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Rockport State Park, Utah

    Thank you! Indeed, it's easy to spend some time here. We're getting ready to hit the road for a while. Parts still unknown at this point, but we're going to take the opportunity to get out of Utah only because we can do Utah anytime.
  15. Grand Adventure

    Video TR: Rockport State Park, Utah

    We really wanted to get out into nature to camp this past weekend, but the weather forecasters weren’t on our side. Here in the second driest state in the nation, they were calling for at least a half inch of rainfall with over 90 percent probability. Add in brisk winds and high temperatures in the 50s, and it simply didn’t seem like an inviting spring weekend to camp. I reluctantly resigned myself to staying home and getting chores done around the house. Hearing about other fellow Utahans firing up their motorhomes and hitching up their travel trailers anyway, however, was enough to convince us to bite the bullet and risk it all. I mean, why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen? We fell asleep on Friday night to the relaxing sound of a gentle rain pinging the trailer roof. Thunderstorms rolled through on Saturday and the winds accelerated as we huddled cozy and dry inside the camper, gazing outside in awe of the power of nature. But skies cleared overhead on Saturday night as the center of low pressure retrograded westward across Nevada, and it was not to journey back eastward until Sunday afternoon as we were breaking camp. We witnessed a beautiful sunset across the lake, and we were able to bundle up and lounge around a blazing campfire on Saturday night. Sunday morning dawned brisk but sunny and incredibly still. Rain water inside our kayak had actually frozen overnight! Birds sang from the fir and juniper trees scattered around our campsite. The lake outside our RV’s front door was like a mirror. Folks, that’s a win!