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  1. Solution to boondocking with dogs at night

  2. How to find great boondocking spots

    LOL! Some people just have no couth.
  3. Video TR: Kanab (UT) & Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

    Next time we'll make time, for sure. This time, with the short days at the end of November I wanted to make a run to SLC to get there before dark.
  4. At the end of November we made a quick stop in the Kanab area en route back to Salt Lake City from Lake Powell (http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/130000-video-tr-lake-powell-antelope-canyon/).We boondocked right off Hancock Road north of town, which is a terrific spot on BLM land situated right in between Kanab, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and the east entrance to Zion National Park. Our campsite off Hancock RoadKanabCoral Pink Sand Dunes State ParkOur campsite was also right next door to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation's largest no-kill shelter that's not just for dogs and cats, but also horses and mules, small animals, reptiles and more. We lacked the time to take a complimentary tour of Best Friends, so we filmed our own self-guided tour through their facility in Angel Canyon. It's a spectacular and emotionally moving place, and I highly recommend a visit if you're in the Kanab area.Best Friends Animal SanctuaryBest Friends Animal SanctuaryBest Friends Animal SanctuaryThe whole Kanab stop is wrapped up in Episode 15 of Grand Adventure:
  5. How to find great boondocking spots

    Thank you Gayle!
  6. Video: Finding and Refilling Boondocking Water

    Excellent feedback -- thank you. Once the camera is rolling, sometimes my mouth doesn't do what my brain knows that it should.
  7. Video: Finding and Refilling Boondocking Water

    Thank you for all 3! <blush>
  8. Two questions we often see on RV forums and Facebook groups both relate to boondocking water: where to find it, and how to refill it while staying long term. My new video today shows how we deal with both issues: I welcome your feedback! If you've got other solutions I'd love to hear them.
  9. Video TR: Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon

    DJI Mavic Pro. Great range, unsurpassed portability and exceptional 4K capability. We're using PolarPro's Cinema Series filters on the lens.
  10. Video TR: Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon

    Thank you!
  11. Video TR: Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon

    We spent Thanksgiving camped right on the beach at Lake Powell, and it's resulted in my personal favorite video TR thus far. We camped at Lone Rock Beach, a dispersed camping area maintained by the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It was busy for the holiday weekend, but not overly so. For those who may consider it, it's $14/night with rock solid cell service, at least it was for me on Verizon. There's a dump station and water fill on site, although they had the water turned off for the winter. Instead I was able to fill up for free just down the road at the Wahweap Marina & RV Campground. While in the area, we entered the lottery to hike The Wave, visited a ghost town in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and toured Antelope Canyon: We also visited Glen Canyon Dam, and went 4x4 for the most amazing views of Lake Powell from Alstrom Point...with unexpected complications: It was a wonderful way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.
  12. Zion National Park (and boondocking nearby)

    Glad we were able to help, Bob!
  13. Solution to boondocking with dogs at night

    Which is why I don't camp anywhere near anyone else, so as to not annoy those who feel the way that you do. The Western U.S. is majority public land, so it's easy to find a couple of hundred acres to call my own for a few days. If I'm remotely near anyone the dogs are leashed.
  14. How to find great boondocking spots

    Thanks Dennis! Most snowbelt RVers wish it was only a month. Have fun and safe travels!
  15. Solution to boondocking with dogs at night

    So do leashes.