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  1. ZTE-AT&T message “Reduced Speeds”

    That message is normal and it's just letting you know that your data use is approaching AT&T's network management threshold. "Network Management" just means that your data will have a lower priority on the network. It will only affect you when the cell tower you're connected to is crowded - in that case your speeds might slow down. It does not have any other effect nor does it limit the amount of data you can use.
  2. Online Travel Map

    I found mostly what I was looking for: www.travelmap.net That's what I plan to use, the feature set is pretty good.
  3. Online Travel Map

    Thanks for the reply! We do have a Facebook group and Facebook does have some geo mapping features, but it doesn't have an interactive map that will show routes, links, etc. at least as far as I'm aware
  4. Online Travel Map

    Hello! We recently started fulltiming and I'm looking for an online travel map solutions so friends/family can follow us. There aren't any options that I can find that meet what I'm specifically looking for: Historic route Stops/Points on the route The ability to add descriptions or links to the points/stops Ability to embed the map on a website or, alternatively, have a public link to the map. Google Earth limits the number of points per route Most travel mapping apps are designed to for travel planning, not a historic record of actual travels. The closest I've seen is the "Nomad World Map" wordpress plugin. I'm willing to pay for a premium service. Are there any resources I've missed? Thanks! -Andy