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  1. Thank you for your replies and information! Much appreciated.
  2. I plan to resume full-timing in 2020 after taking time off, and would like a quick review to make sure I'm not forgetting anything: 1 - Florida domicile - driver's license and truck/trailer registrations - current 2 - Good Sam (National General) truck and trailer insurance - current 3 - Escapees membership and mail forwarding - current 3 - Florida Blue PPO health insurance - semi-national in that it'd be "in-network, out of state physician or facility" - I think the deductible would be very large 4 - Remaining belongings stored - this is the only potential issue - my stuff not going to be stored in Florida. Could this be an issue? 5 - I don't plan to be in Florida any time soon. As I understand it, this is not an issue. Is there anything else I should consider or that I may have forgotten? Insurances and registrations, mostly. And the domicile of course.
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Yes, I've stayed at Snyder Hill and Gilbert Ray (it does have a 2 week limit though I could leave and go back, etc). I do want to check out Catalina SP at some point, too. I'd rather not move around all that often if possible. There are many outfits listed on the "campendium" type sites -- just thought I'd ask this group. I appreciate your responses!
  4. I'm looking for recommendations for a 2 or 3 month stay in Tucson this winter (Dec - Jan 2019/2020 plus a month on either side). I generally prefer a very natural site (boondocking, actually, but not this time...) I want to be in the Tucson area so that I can hike consistently with a local hiking group. I do not need or want a resort atmosphere (or price), as my social life will be elsewhere. I may boondock during the month on either side. Preferences - Quiet, nature, not too expensive; good proximity to Tucson I have tried boondocking near Tucson and have not really enjoyed it. Escapees Saguaro Co-op is too far out. Thank you!
  5. Perfect. Thank you, JRP! I will check these areas out.
  6. I'd narrow it to the SW quadrant of the state, then, and below 9,000' for sure, but with easy ability to drop south. Thanks, Kirk! Any further ideas based on your experience would be appreciated. I'm sure some of the RV parks close around that time, too. I can look on some of the RV park search and review apps.
  7. Has anybody camped in Colorado in the fall? Say, October? If so, where - anyplace in particular that'd be nice that time of year? I'm guessing the temps really start dropping toward the end of October. I'm a new full-timer and could be heading south to New Mexico before snow and ice (hopefully!) I'd probably stay in an RV park - nothing fancy. I like to boondock too, but might like to stay be stationary for the whole month. I'd appreciate any input.
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I am already full-timing in the trailer and staying in inexpensive campgrounds and it is challenging to do this on the fly. I plan to have an installer add 200 - 400 watts of solar, depending on how much can fit. I'm just trying to get by until then and want to make the least possible investment in a generator for now. I'm aware that there is not much info on the newer dual fuel models coming out. Both of the ones I'm looking at have only come out in the last few months. There's an outfit back east that'll do a conversion for the Honda 2000 model, but the cost of the entire unit is $1500, and I'd rather put that $$ toward the solar system if possible. I did watch a couple of new youtube videos on the Ryobi generator and it doesn't look overly appealing, but I sure hate the thought of lugging around a 50 lb piece of equipment. @rm.w/aview - So you're saying have the charger installed in addition to the converter, and use the charger with the generator. I appreciate the help!
  9. Thanks, Bob. So the rate/speed depends on the converter that's doing the charging and not the size of the generator, if I understand you correctly... I'm getting a portable panel, too - 160W. I do have a "solar on the side" plug.
  10. I plan to buy a generator (inverter) to provide backup charging capability and get me through until I have solar installed on my new 21 foot trailer. I would like to avoid buying a gasoline powered generator, so I'm looking a propane fueled ones. I have found two reasonably priced ones: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-900-Watt-Propane-Powered-Inverter-Generator-RYi911LP/302703564 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sportsman-2200-Watt-Dual-Fuel-Inverter-Generator-for-Sensitive-Electronics/701680657 My current batteries (stock) are group 27 RV/Marine type batteries. Eventually I'll get either golf car or AGM type batteries - probably just two, but possibly four. I'm still researching a solar system... Does it make much difference whether I buy he 900/700 watt one (Ryobi) or he 2200 watt in terms of how long it will take to charge the batteries? I guess the 2200 watt one will be faster? But I"m not sure how much the trailer converter controls the flow, anyway (should be a decent converter.) I like the lighter weight Ryobi (~25 lbs) vs he 48 lb Sportsman, but not if the Ryobi won't scale to a future system. Any input?
  11. OK - thanks Biker56 and rm.w/aview. I appreciate your responses! There are always trade-offs between locations!
  12. Hi all - I have checked around and wanted to be sure the figure for full-time RV trailer and truck insurance (Bushnell, FL) is in the ball-park... it seems high but I'm getting pretty consistent figures so far, around $1800 per year for a 2016 Ford F150 and a 2018 Lance 21 ft trailer - good driver, no violations, clean record, own outright, one driver... Anybody think this is completely off base?
  13. I just circled back to review posts that I had not reviewed before, and I want to again thank all of you for responding. I have since moved my domicile to Florida (via Escapees!) and am now finished with my recent temporary job in the eastern US. I am in a transitional mode in terms of housing, as I sold my travel trailer and am shopping for a new one, and staying with family in the meantime. Thanks to your input, I have a better understanding and will take a common sense approach to the FL domicile. Whether I visit and stay in FL at all, I will remain aware of how much time I spend in one place or another.
  14. FYI - As far as my original post goes (using Traveling Mailbox or UPS for mail forwarding...) Following an intense discussion with a person at the county tax collection office, I ended up moving my domicile and mail forwarding to Bushnell and joining the Escapees. When I called the tax collection office to ensure they'd allow the documents that I had in hand (bank statements & phone bill) they said that they would not accept these. They wanted actual utility setup documentation for a place of residence. When I asked how other full-time RV people set up their domicile in Florida, the person said that full-time RV people list a campground as a residence. The person said (several times) that the goal was to keep me legal with respect to the state regulations. After that, I felt uncomfortable with using a mail-forwarding without more backing like Escapees.
  15. Wow - that is impressive! It's what I want to do... become familiar with places - their people, culture and natural surroundings.
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