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  1. Thanks, all. I appreciate your help!
  2. No, I am not planning on it (although I haven't committed to a service yet.)
  3. I've been trying to obtain auto and trailer insurance quotes for my move to a Florida domicile... I'm asking for quotes in two locations. My current policy is with State Farm, so I tried them first. One SF office said they would not underwrite somebody using a mail forwarding address (I had not told them I was using a mail forwarding address) so I asked a State Farm office in the other mail forwarding location and have not yet heard back from them - and I explained my scenario (domicile in Florida, use mail forwarding, live in trailer and/or volunteer and live in wildlife refuge or park housing.) I have also asked about "RV" insurance from American Adventures - it was much higher, especially for my trailer. I realize it covers more, but my situation is pretty simple. Very small trailer, regular Ford F150... Has anybody had issues finding coverage using a mail forwarding address? I also feel uncomfortable answering questions about where I will "garage" my vehicle as I don't plan to "garage it." Am I missing something? I have entered my info into www.rverinsurance.com and never heard a word. I'm afraid to start a mail forwarding service until I know I can get insurance. But I need to know that I can get insurance to get a driver's license.
  4. Thanks, all! Great information.
  5. There are a couple of issues that I need to work through for myself. These articles scared me just a bit about doing the domicile move. https://www.escapees.com/articles-and-blogs/entry/simplifying-the-complex-issue-of-domicile-law "You need to spend time in the state and take other steps indicating that you really do intend to be there on a regular basis and you intend to make it home." And another: https://www.escapees.com/articles-and-blogs/entry/domicile-revisited-back-to-the-basics "For a great many RVers, not all of their worldly possessions will fit in their RVs. Subsequently, they either donate personal property, sell it, give it to friends or family or they store it somewhere. Storing personal property creates a rebuttable presumption that the RVers will return to claim their property, even when they store the items in the garage of a loved one. This is a rebuttable presumption—meaning RVers can overcome this presumption. However, it takes more evidence to establish a cogent, believable argument as to why those possessions are outside their state/county of domicile." I need to think about where to store what meager belongings remain to me and where to store them. As of now, they are in the basement of a loved one - in another state.
  6. I am still researching domicile options and have a couple of questions: How much time should I spend in my new domicile state, in general? A day or two, week or two or a couple of months each year? Or must I even visit every year? I read some scary articles on the Escapees site about domicile issues. Does you have any idea how often people get into legal issues over domicile (people who don't own houses in other states)? Are there any reasons, beyond registration renewal and/or driver's license renewals, to have to go back for anything, other than to maintain the appearance of being domiciled? Anything annual or otherwise regular? Just trying to determine whether I'd need to domicile near a larger airport or not. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Matt. Right now Leon County is less than all of the others I have checked this morning. Yesterday, I was not looking closely enough at comparable policies. Here are the estimates for one income: Leon County - BlueOptions 1419 $177 Sumter County - BlueSelect 1452 $207 Brevard County - BlueSelect 1452 $288 https://mbaileygroup.com/blog/difference-between-blue-care-blue-options-blue-select/ The Leon County policy is the better policy and at lower price (for my age, $177 vs $207 right now.) So prices for Sumter County are more in line with line with Leon than I initially thought. Right now I guess I'm not a normal full time RVer. I have a very small trailer and am just completing a multi-month job where I opted to rent a room (fantastic housemate!) for most of my stay and just parked my trailer for free on the grounds. However, I don't know if I'll work next year or just volunteer. My trailer is too small for absolute full-timing, but I hesitate to go larger until I have a better idea of what I want to do. It'll all work out! I'm new to this - recently quit a corporate job. In the meantime, I'm learning a lot.
  8. I am so glad I posted the question! Thanks, Kirk, for finding the price differential for Traveling Mailbox. I had to click multiple times to find that additional amount. Yes, healthcare with ACA varies a lot by county. A cursory check: The healthcare plan would be $500 - 600 more per year for Brevard County (but this can and will change, I expect. I understand they'll know more about pricing for 2018 in Nov., but my current policy/job runs out at the end of October.) It's interesting - the % difference varies depending on how much income I plug in. Naturally, I don't know how much or if I'll work any next year, so it's a total guess as to what to plug in. The Mailroom service (quick glance at the one I found quickly for Merritt Island) is 180/yr, 145 for 6 mo and 90 for 3 mo. I have more research to do. I don't really plan on hanging out in FL at all, but ease of access would be fairly important.
  9. Thanks, but my question is really about whether there are any cons to Tallahassee as a domicile. I'm not really asking for other options for mail forwarding - I've looked at those but Leon County is better for me for healthcare.
  10. Yes, but I don't think that any of them are in Tallahassee.
  11. I am in my early 50s and my current domicile does not have decent national healthcare options on ACA. In researching Florida options, I have found Tallahassee (Leon County) to be the best option for me for ACA. The mail service there is called "Traveling Mailbox." As I understand it, the Traveling Mailbox fees are $15/mo (for specific number of mail pieces) plus the postage to forward mail, plus there is a $1 fee to hold pieces of mail for more than 60 days. Does anybody have experience using Tallahassee as a domicile, or see any immediate "cons" to it? I am guessing it's a bit harder to fly in and out of than some of the eastern state locations.
  12. Will do. Thanks, Kirk.
  13. Hi Kirk - Yes, I'm aware of the issues around healthcare and will research these in depth before I make the "move." I am thinking of convenience to Kansas, at least partly, in case I need to go to SD periodically. That may be a determining factor. I'm guessing the more populated the state, the more options plan - but I could be wrong. "If" I can continue to get national park jobs, I should have health insurance for part of the year... Worst case, I get short term insurance for some months. Has anybody kept up with tax-free states that still have major health plans (PPOs?) It'd be nice if there were a chart somewhere... One other factor for me - I may eventually buy a new trailer, so sales tax could be an issue. I have lots of open issues!
  14. Aha! I probably should have thought of that! Thanks, LindaH. Makes sense!
  15. I am currently domiciled in Kansas and am working as a seasonal park ranger with the National Park Service in another state. I will have worked in the other state for about 6 months by mid-November 2017. Since I enjoy seasonal ranger jobs, I'd like to continue doing this, but am paying a lot of tax in Kansas for dividends from my investments. I don't yet know how the math will work out tax-wise for work in the other state and Kansas taxes on those earnings... I intend to change my domicile to South Dakota. As of this year, 2017, I'll be filing in Kansas and in the current work state. I don't yet know where I will work, nor when, next. Any advice on when to change my domicile? I don't mind driving to SD in the winter, I just don't know whether to make the change on Jan 1 (or as close as possible to that date) or before - I'd like to avoid having to file in SD as well as the other two states for 2017 if possible. I don't want to wait until I have to re-register my truck and trailer in Kansas (which is Feb.)