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  1. After two years of barely acceptable comfort, we decided we had to replace or improve the original mattress in our TT. Before our four month trip last year we added a 2" foam topper which was an improvement, but not much of one. Our TT has a Murphy Bed (which we love). Some toppers were quite heavy, and I was afraid that when the bed was up (vertical) the pad would slide down, especially as we drove for hours. So I found a lightweight one. BTW, it would slide down a little occasionally, but it wasn't a problem. At the time I also shopped for a new mattress. Again, some were very heavy, and I didn't find a lightweight option that seemed good. One seemed okay, but when I spoke to the maker they said they did not recommend any of their mattresses for use on a murphy bed. Has anyone had any experience with mattress replacement for a murphy bed? Or with a good topper? It's a short queen, which limits choices somewhat. We're leaving on another four month trip soon, so I've got to do something about this. Conventional or foam okay, but price is an issue - just can't go over $500, less is even better. I know that's not much, but I was surprised at how many inexpensive well-reviewed mattresses I found. Height isn't really an issue, there's about 11" available, but weight is. I want to add as little as possible. Thanks!
  2. We've decided to go ahead with our four month trip (July-November)in our 27' travel trailer. Florida-CO-WY-MT-WA-OR-CA-AR-NM-TX-FL. This will be our 4th year to take this kind of trip. We stay in all kinds of places - national, state, local parks,comm. RV parks, etc. Dry, partial and full HUps all OK. We try to avoid Wal-marts, etc. I've read that camp sites of all kinds will be harder to find this year. I'm considering joining Harvest Hosts and/or Boondockers Welcome to expand the possibilities. I've studied their sites, read reviews and prior threads, so I think I have a good understanding of how they work. My question: have any of you used these two sources lately, and have you gotten emails from the clubs on changes during Covid-19? Also, any other tips or comments on these two clubs would be greatly appreciated. Or thoughts about finding spots to stay, both short and longer times (5-10 days) Thanks!
  3. I've read several Google results on this topic, but still have questions! We will be entering Canada with our TT at Niagara Falls, and a month later reentering US south of Quebec City at Sandy Bay Township, into Maine. Alcohol and firewood rules are crystal clear. I travel with pepper spray in the truck and in the bedside drawer, but never travel with a firearm. Canadian law enforcement must be excellent since one is not allowed any sort of personal protection, lol. Can I bring a baseball bat? I also read that my 5" blade hunting knife may not be allowed. What about steak knives and kitchen knives, which are really no different from the "hunting" knife. What about the typical Home Depot utility knife that I keep in my toolbox? I'm not being sarcastic, I really want to follow the rules. I realize that enforcement is usually quite lax, but I have a fear of being the "lucky traveller "whose turn it is to be thoroughly searched. Food is the other area of concern. Fresh fruits and vegetables are clearly forbidden. I grew up with the distinction of "fresh" meaning "not frozen". Are frozen vegetables considered fresh for this purpose? Same with meat? What about cooked food, such as ready to eat stuff from the grocery store, and leftovers? What about half empty containers of condiments, or cooking or olive oil? Open jars of spices? Thanks to those who take the time to answer a few of these questions! Any other advice to make this go smoothly will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am in need of a RA program before we start on our four month, 7,000 mile trip in the US and Canada. We will be travelling with a Ram 1500 and 27' TT. I've read some previous threads on this subject, but would like to hear from anyone with recent experience and opinions. I have not considered joining an RV club before, but in researching RA choices, Escapees came to my attention. I've narrowed it down to three options: 1. Good Sam has a special on their basic plan for $75 for online signup (plus a $20 gift card at Camping world/Gander). Their premium plan ($35 more) benefits don't appeal to me except for the availability of "tech support from a certified RV tech". That could come in handy. Has anyone ever used this feature? 2. Escapees is $139, $40 to join plus $99 for Roadside Assist plan through SafeRide Motor Club. Tech support feature is included. This is the most expensive of the three, but Escapees website hints at discounts at 800 campsites, but isn't very specific. Anyone have experience with their RA plan, and how does the CG discount work? 3. FMCA is $124, $50 to join ($10 off special just started) plus $74 for RA, also through SafeRide, looks like exact same benefits as Escapees. There don't seem to be any other financial benefits. Looking for input on savings with Escapees or FMCA, or good/bad on the RA plans. Thanks!
  5. OP here. Many great ideas, thanks to all who have taken the time to write. We enjoy cities (museums, architecture, casual local restaurants, etc.). We've had good experiences finding an RV park on the outskirts and commuting in for 2-3 days. Tips that fit this plan are welcome for the Canadian cities and Chicago. We are skipping NY, Boston, Philly, DC this trip. We recently lived in Denver, so are familiar there. The suggestions for Parks, historical sites, great scenery, interesting small towns, etc. are very welcome. As I said, no way we can see it all on such a long trip, but love the thoughts of those who have been there to help us decide what to include. Plan so far is to be in Canada four weeks starting late July and August, New England and Upstate NY for a month late Aug and Sept., then west to Chicago, then arriving in Denver early October for a wedding, leaving there October 14th. So our trip through Texas and the south will be in hopefully cooler weather. Thanks again, and please keep posting!
  6. We (wife and I, no pets) will be leaving Florida July 8th for a four month trip in our 27 ft. TT. We have taken two month and a six month trips within the last few years, so aren't rookies, but haven't RV'd in the eastern part of the US and Canada before. Our itinerary: Florida to Buffalo, NY through Pittsburgh. Niagara Falls to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. QC to coastal Maine, then ramble around as much of New England as possible. Then to Upstate New York, then through Cleveland to Chicago (any suggestions for side trips into Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana?) Then to Denver to visit family Then to Carlsbad Caverns NP, Big Bend NP, West Texas, Texas Hill Country, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, then home to Tampa Bay. Obviously we realize we can't see everything along that route! We are in our late 60's, reasonably fit and active, and enjoy both cities and the countryside. We like to stay in state and national parks when possible, and reasonably priced commercial parks (swimming pools, cable TV aren't important). We usually stay in one location for 2-5 days. When we went on our long West Coast trip a couple of years ago we posted a question like this and got lots of really great tips, so thought I would try it again, especially since we haven't visited many of these areas, especially not in an RV. So, if you are from or are familiar with the places along our route, please chime in with suggestions, warnings, etc.! Thanks in advance, Riley and Val
  7. OP here. Yep, I'm aware of that issue. Have been to that area before, so will plan accordingly. Our schedule has finally become clear - we are leaving Tampa May 1, arriving in Vancouver BC around May 25, heading south from there around June 1st. Just in time for the crowds, I know, but our only choice. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, info and advice. Keep 'em coming! Riley
  8. Thanks for the info to avoid going through the middle of SF, and for the tip on staying in Petaluma to day-trip to SF. Anyone have any other tips for staying/doing around the Bay Area? I'd like to mention something I did several years ago that was great fun: Rent a bike in the Fisherman's Wharf area (lots of places) and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausalito (all downhill from the bridge, IIRC) and take the ferry back to SF. From the ferry back to Fish. Wharf is all flat I believe. From FW to the bridge goes through some interesting areas. There are some hills, but not too bad. I am not a cyclist, nor was I in good shape. Most anyone can do it, and it was a spectacular experience! Riley
  9. OP here. Thanks for the great feedback, please keep posting!
  10. OP here. Thanks for the prompt responses. Two more things: I'm aware that the coast highway near Big Sur, CA will be closed for about a year, and we will be starting our trip south from Vancouver, but we will be driving there from our home in Florida. Thanks! Riley
  11. I posted this on another forum, and got quite a few responses. However, there were lots of conflicting opinions, so I thought I would try here. Also, we are not Escapees members at this time, but would consider joining if there were any advantages re campgrounds, etc Here's the question: My wife and I (mid 60's, no kids) are planning a trip from Vancouver, BC to San Diego from about June 1st to Sept 15th. We have a 26' TT (overall length). We plan to stay mostly on the coastal highway but will go inland for anything worthwhile. I realize this is the the busiest season, but this is when we can go. Looking for any advice re places to camp (RV parks, dry camping, state/county/unique ideas), along with any ideas on places to avoid, etc., with an eye to beating the crowds, when possible. Also, any suggestions on things to do and see. We plan to spend a few days in LA and SF, not usual RV destinations, so any tips for these areas would be especially useful. Thanks! Riley
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