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  1. TexasDolphin

    SOLD!! RVibrake3 Auxiliary Braking System for Sale

    Do you need additional information? Price is firm. It is in new condition.
  2. Where are you located?

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    2. TexasDolphin


      Ok. We'll get price for shipping, figure out the PayPal part of this (never sold anything this way), and let you know.  We do have a PayPal account, but just use it for monthly donation to a missionary.  Not sure how to use it this way, but will do some research.

    3. TexasDolphin


      To my PayPal account? I just checked and it shows $0.  My link is paypal.me/sue32.  Maybe I just don't know where to look?  As I said, I am not used to PayPal except for monthly donation.  Maybe we need to talk via phone or something.  I did check with UPS - cost with insurance is about $70, ground.  It is quite heavy.  We asked for price for $900 insurance, packing, & shipping.  My phone number is 972-658-4493 if you would care to call me - might be a faster and more efficient process!

    4. Mark and Dale Bruss
  3. RVibrake 3 portable braking system for flat towing a car. Command Center w/Smart Rv tablet and hub. Works great! Simple setup (setup and user guide included), latest technology. Purchased in June 2017, used on one trip - 850 miles. We have sold our motorhome, so no longer needed. Asking $600.
  4. SOLD !! 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade, set up to tow, with Brake Buddy included. 133.5k miles, in very good condition. Well maintained, all maintenance records included. 4WD, Trail Rated, 4 Speed auto transmission with overdrive. Very well equipped, has light bar w/light covers, leather seats, sunroof, mult-disc CD player, power front seats, and much more. Appearance is excellent, and runs very well. Call nine-seven-two 658-4492 email: genemaxa@yahoo.com Located in Branson, MO currently. We can email photos if you are interested - files would not upload. $5800/offer
  5. Hi! Did you find a toad yet? We have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade, with a Brake Buddy, to sell. It has approx. 133,500 miles and we have all maintenance records. It is in very good condition - paint, etc. us in excellent shape. It has the light bar, and many other extras - a Trail Rated Jeep. We are in Branson, MO currently, and will be for a few more weeks. We are just starting to market it. We are asking $5500. Our cell number is 972-658-4493