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  1. The bed in our 2013 Winnebago Tour 42QD is stuck in the up position. Winnebago service tech suggested that the switch under the bed headboard may not have made contact? Does anyone know where the switch is exactly? Or any other ideas. Fuses are fine.
  2. My allergist has agreed to supply me with the 5 venoms I'll need. Now I'll only have to find allergists along our route who will agree to administer the shots and monitor for a reaction. Yay! That's a load off! Wondering how much they'll cost. A small fortune.
  3. No I do not give the shots to myself. Venom immunology can be dangerous due to the possibility of anaphylaxis shock - I had one after my last sting, hence the immunotherapy. Bobi and Rick, the liquid version you mentioned...is that bee venom?
  4. I will be full time RV-ing and traveling beginning October 2016. I am currently seeing an allergist in Virginia for a severe allergy to bee stings, and am finally at maintenance level requiring shots every 6 weeks. Does anyone have experience with venom immunotherapy while on the road?
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