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  1. I have all electric brakes. I looked into my ground wires and I think I found part of the problem. If the trailer is not hooked to the truck and I pull the breakaway the brakes don't activate. I think the brakes are only grounded through the truck, shouldn't there be a ground for the brakes to the trailer? TIA Rick
  2. I have adjusted the brakes and have the brake controller maxed out and still have very weak brakes on the trailer. Looking for any suggestions on what to look for or test to get better brakes. TIA Rick
  3. Just looking for clarification on my inverter install. My wiring will go from the main panel to the inverter and from the inverter to the sub panel. Will move all circuits from main panel that I want to run on inverter to sub panel. I didn't see the need for a transfer switch. I have a portable generator and the inverter has a transfer switch installed in it. Thank you for your comments. Rick
  4. Thank you for all your responses. I found this panel and would like to get your thoughts. I can get 12 of these on the roof if I needed to, not that I will. I'm going to use 100 amps as my average to get my number of panels needed. https://www.ervsolar.com/Grape-195W-Fixed-Frame-Solar-Panel-GS-S-195-Fab3 Thank again for your responses, Rick
  5. I can't get the higher voltage panels to fit on the roof. 36" is max I can go on the width. Can't fine any higher voltage panels 36" wide. We sold or S & B in May and are living in the 5th wheel right now on our daughters property until the end of the year. Our 5th wheel is a 39' Sanibel. I already changed the single 12 volt battery to 4/6 volts. We have no solar system at this time but want to add it so we are able to do so boondocking.
  6. Thank you Jack, I have been on your site and it has been very helpful. So what are your thoughts for my plan on the planels. Thank you
  7. I'm starting my list of materials and design of my solar system. I want smaller panels so I'm looking at 4 solar tech 140 watt, 18 volt panels. Would it be wise to wire them in series (two pairs) and paralle them to the charge controller. Would get 36 volts to the charge controller. My list so far. Charge controller, Morningstar mppt 45 Battery Monitor, Trimetic 2030 Inverter/charger/auto transfer switch, Aims 3000 watt pure sine and remote monitor. Solar Tech 140 watt 18 volt panels x4 Thank you, Rick
  8. Thank you for all the replies, will work on adjusting thermostat and see how that works. My air outlets are not adjustable so I might look into replacing them if I can find them. Rick
  9. We sold our sticks and bricks home and are now living full time in our fifth wheel so we can get it ready and get use to living in it. Will start traveling in January of 2017. First concern is the cooling step up. We have two Dometic air conditioner units. Is it normal for them to be tied together with the ducting. The rear unit will come on and run all day because it is trying to cool the entire fifth wheel. Front bedroom and bathroom will get a lot of air from the rear unit and is cool and the front unit will not come on. Any advice, can I separate them so each unit cools it's own area. Than you, Rick
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I'm leaning towards installing my own system after reviewing all your comments. Looking to start the install next spring. We are going to start fulltiming January 2017.
  11. Looking for an experts opinion on the Go Power Extreme 480 watt solar kit.
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