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  1. My husband runs a role-playing group online using Fantasy Grounds/Skype and we are looking for a few other people to play. Currently it is us and another full-time RVing couple. We are open to a variety of campaigns but are currently playing DnD (Ravenloft and Underdark). If interested in playing, please contact me at asetasar2@gmail.com Kimberly
  2. CatsInACan

    Class of 2015

    We have been officially full-timers for 2 months and2 weeks. It has been challenging but so far we are enjoying the freedom.
  3. CatsInACan

    One thing I just learned

    We are just getting started and have acquired an Escapee's Livingston, TX address. Our bank, Ally, called today and requested another address due to the patriot act. They will use the Livingston one as our mailing address but have it flagged as a business/RV park. Luckily we had been reading various forums and knew this could be an issue. This prompted us to buy an empty lot in Groesbeck, TX for $2000. The postal service is forwarding all mail from that address to my parents in MO for now and in 6 months, we will have mail forwarded to the Escapee's address. (Nothing should go to the Groesbeck address but this is just a precaution.) We will see how Citibank, Chase, Barclay, Discover, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, and Amex handle the change of address.
  4. CatsInACan

    Class of 2015

    We are looking at a May/June 2015 timeframe for full-timing. Our house goes on the market next week and our new 5th wheel is going through upgrades at the dealership. We won't be able to go anywhere till our custom Dodge Ram is built which could be anywhere from mid-May till early July. No matter what, we are excited!