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  1. We do. We almost camphost for site and utilities.
  2. Walmart is in many places due to abuse. Lately we have seen people with all their slides out, BBQ grills and chairs along with. Their generator and gas. I just want to leave these people a note about etiquette. I always call ahead and speak with manager prior to staying there. The idea of paying 35.00 or more just to sleep is frustrating.
  3. Randy and Liz here Tom and Diane, would can you tell me about boondocking at borrego? Boondocking is fairly new to us. Thanks Hope to see u at Q
  4. Well you are only a hop skip and a jump from Havasu, so if you get bored, c'mon up! Sounds like plan. Julie, how is the knee?
  5. Carol, so glad to hear. All is well. Randy and Liz here. Glad I found the right tread. We are currently in Mesa til the end of November so if anyone is inthe area give us a shout. This is the first time we did not go back to Texas in the 10 years we have been full timing. Hope everyone is enjoying their winter.
  6. Is this website the same as rvforum.net?
  7. Hello everyone. Liz. And randy here from Yellowstone. We are looking forward to seeing many of you again in quartzite. My sign on is mimi55.
  8. Hello everyone. We are at madison campground in Yellowstone.
  9. Not wanting to offend anyone as I am an animal lover, but some owners do not vaccinate their pets against rabies or parvovirus. Then they do not pick up after their dogs. One campground a couple would leave their dogs on leash outside unattended (breaking park rules) let the pop and refused to pick it up. When approached they got hostile. Second instance, I got bit by a workers chihuahua unprovoked and it's owners laughed about the attack. So like anything else not all animal owners are created equal.
  10. Dogs in Yellowstone. As a worker in the park everyone needs to realize the rules on pets. Tickets for not following can exceed 100.00 per pet. They are only allowed in the campground on pavement, no trails or amphitheater a. The100 yards is for unimproved areas and is very iffy in areas. They are not allowed on boardwalks either. If you want to take them into west yellowstone there are places there to take them off leash.
  11. We worked in Montana and had to file a Montana tax return, but this did not affect my disability or retirement incomes as we were only temporary residents. We were paid w2 for 600 a month. Everything we paid in was refunded back to us.
  12. In response to Working in the Yellowstone area. When Camp hosting inside Yellowstone Natl Park, you work for the Natl Park Service and your site plus utilities are free, usually with 3 on/3 off. Natl Forest Service in. The area pays 600.00 plus site, utilities and phone line. The marina on hebgen lake pays hourly, free site, utilities and Internet. Any paid position falls under a concessionaire. Hope this helps
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