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  1. Fishing Away

    If you like the lake life you might like this blog entry. We are on Lake Sam Rayburn in East Texas. Just an hour or so from Livingston, Texas. Safe travels everyone, Karen & Rick www.Mytripjournal,com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  2. Watkins Woolen Mill

    We are slowly meandering to Jefferson City, MO for our annual doctor visits and along the way we saw a bad park, a couple of pretty parks and Watkins Woolen Mill and Home State Historic Site. This was in Lawson, MO, north of Kansas City. It was a very interesting place and we thought we would share it with all of you. So Enjoy! Mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  3. We spent a few weeks exploring Southern Utah and Eastern Colorado. Saw some incredible places and wanted to share them with you. These areas are so incredible, one stunning vista after another! Hope you enjoy the pictures and that you are encouraged to see this area if you haven't done so already. Thanks for visiting and safe travels to everyone. Karen & Rick www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  4. Stirring the Jello

    As all full time rv'ers know most plans are written in Jell-O and some times that means we don't get to go the way we want to go. This happened to us lately and it changed a lot of plans! Hope you enjoy our journey. Karen www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  5. Yikes! Fire

    Just posted about our latest adventure in Idaho and Oregon! Hope you enjoy reading it, Safe travels, Karen www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  6. Puget Sound and Beyond

    Hi All, well we have finally moved off the Olympic Peninsula for awhile but not before seeing some more sights and taking the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, BC. Now we are in south central Idaho but we did spend a few days at Henry's Lake State Park and Yellowstone National Park. Loved Yellowstone and Henry's Lake State Park was a great place to stay for a few days. So, I am including a link to our blog about our adventures, hope you give it a look see. Safe travels, Karen www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  7. Puget Sound!

    At last we are back to our favorite part of the Peninsula-Puget Sound. This is our 3rd trip here as full time RVer's and our 4th overall. We really enjoy this side of the peninsula. I looked over past posts of this area and if you are interested in the other things we have seen you can go to page #1 and page #5 of our blog. One reason we keep coming back is that there are always interesting things to do and see out here. Hope you enjoy seeing it through our eyes! Safe travels, Karen
  8. Olympic Peninsula

    We have finished our stay on the Pacific Ocean side of the Olympic Peninsula. Read about the parks where we stayed, an awesome bridge (one of the ones that does in Nick Russell) and another beautiful beach. It's all on www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren Thanks to all of you who take the time to read our blog. Sign up for email notifications of new entries. The main page has a place to sign up if you want to keep following our progress. Safe travels everyone, Karen
  9. Last stay in Oregon

    We reluctantly left Oregon on Sunday. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay in Oregon, as always! Now we are in Washington. Check out the blog to see what we did in the northern part of Oregon. www.mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren So happy to see that many of our fellow Escapees are reading our blog. The Pacific Northwest is one of our favorite areas of the country (must be, since we keep returning) and we love sharing it with you. We will be posting more from Washington in the next few weeks. Safe travels to all of you, Karen
  10. More From the Oreegon Coast

    We are still working our way northwards, one week at a time. This coast is unbelievable. Our third trip this way and we are still seeing things we haven't seen before! Hope you enjoy traveling along with us. www.MyTripJournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  11. On the Oregon coast

    Finally we are back on the Oregon coast. So beautiful, even if the weather isn't always warm and sunny! See our latest blog about this area. www.Mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren
  12. West Coast Travels

    Last year we did the Great Lakes and this year we are doing the West Coast. We have spent lots of time in the past 5 years in Oregon and Washington and will be returning there but we decided to start in our old home town of San Diego and travel north. We left the Co-op park Kofa in Yuma on February 22. We are still seeing lighthouses and enjoying the magnificent coast line of California. Follow along with us by reading our blog: www.Mytripjournal.com/OnTheRoadWithRickAndKaren Hope you enjoy it. Safe travels everyone Karen
  13. Great Lakes Odyssey

    We had a great 2015 summer! Our goal was to see as many lighthouses as we could on the Great Lakes. We are members of the U. S. Lighthouse Society and find seeking out lighthouses an especially good activity for RVer's. This summer we saw 107 lights in 4 states and on 5 lakes and drove almost 9k miles! It was a beautiful trip. We've recorded it all on our blog. If interested log onto: www.mytripjournal.com/ontheroadwithrickandkaren Safe travels to everyone, Karen & Rick
  14. Soc Security Rant

  15. How much experience in RV living do you have?

    We tent camped for several years and I still miss some parts of that. Then we retired in 2010 and realized a 10 year dream and sold everything and went full time in our 5th wheel RV. We love this lifestyle and hope to be able to stay on the road for many more years. Rick & Karen