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  1. Did you have the batteries load tested when they had a full charge? I am willing to bet you have at least one and maybe two bad batteries. How old are they? Usually you can get about 3 years out of a set of house batteries. Other thing to consider is how much power drain you are having from running lights, tv, etc. Once you get the battery situation taken care of you should switch all your interior lighting over to LED. Much less power usage. Let us know what you find out.
  2. For the most part US 1 will have you traveling through the middle of the older sections of Florida towns and you will experience lots of traffic in the city areas. Before I-95 US 1 was the main thoroughfare down the east coast. Lots of smaller towns for the most part dried up after I-95 opened and most of those areas are still today rather old and worn out looking. The ride down A1A from St. Augustine to Ormond Beach is very scenic riding right along the Atlantic coast. The road in Flagler Beach was washed away by last years hurricane, but has been temporarily repaired and is easily passable with a RV. We live in that part of Florida so I am very aware of the conditions. Enjoy your trip should you decide to go that route.
  3. If that F350 has a 7.3 motor I wouldn't be the least concerned. That was one of the very best diesel motors Ford ever built. I would do a bunch of maintenance items though. Coolant flush and hoses, belts, transmission service, change all of the fluids including flushing the brake system. Make certain you have the very best brand of brake pads also. To replace what you got will cost you upwards of 70K new. That good old Ford will do you just fine and I think you probably know that. We have a Lance. What model did you haul with it?
  4. If you have a heat pump unit in zone 1 you may have some heated air coming from that unit thru the bedroom ducts. A Mobile Suite we owned did that. If you are running the actual furnace you should only have air coming out of the floor vents. To control the temp. why not open a window in the bedroom area or the bathroom ceiling vent. This will also help minimize the amount of moisture buildup in he rv.
  5. I had a similar problem with a backflow preventer on my water heater line in my 5'r. I replaced it and the noise went away.
  6. I am tired of paying taxes for programs that give lazy people a source of income for staying home doing nothing. How about we help get those people off the taxpayers back and put them to work on the roads and many other projects to help offset the free ride they are getting.
  7. A weak spring in the lifter will allow it to continue to tick even with adjustment. It may have some dirt/debris caught in it. Try adding a quart of automatic transmission fluid to the oil and run it a few hundred miles and see if it will clear out. ATF is a great clearer and won't harm anything.
  8. Damp Rid and leaving a vent cracker and a window cracked. Those will help alot, but you do need to use vent fans when cooking and bathing. Some folks will run a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture.
  9. I was there during that time. A few months ago I was interviewed by a VA clinical person that got a bunch of info from me and I have been put on some type of list for who knows what. Fortunately no heatlh issues related to the bad water.
  10. Try a local NAPA store. NAPA has many resources for getting bearings. I know because I work at one.
  11. When I owned my 2007 38RL3 Mobile Suite I ran into a problem early on with a bearing going bad from what appeared to be improper torqueing at the factory. Get yourself a good torque wrench and try to get the correct torque specs. You should take a good look at the brakes, rotors and brake calipers when you do it. If the brakes need attention that would be the time to do it. When my bearing went bad I had to also change the rotor since it tore up a lot.
  12. Leaving the black tank valve open when FHU is a huge mistake. You will end up with some nasty piles of poop in your tank that will eventually harden and be extremly difficult to get out. A friend did that and had real issues.
  13. I have used the GEO method a number of times. Not long after dumping and using the tank again the sensors won't read correctly. It is just the nature of the beast. Best bet is to pay attention to what time frame you need between dumps and dump accordingly.
  14. What part of the country are you in?
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